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From the entrance, the very first room come the left has a Novice Faculty terminal and an Advanced-locked door. Open up that door then accessibility Principal Tanner"s Terminal. You can use this terminal to open the following door. Don"t forget come loot the Library Key from major Tanner"s desk.

There"s one Overdue publication inside a stall in the female restroom throughout the principal"s office, a chem station in the class room to the east. The 2nd level classroom on the east side also has one Overdue publication on a desk, and you can obtain the Principal"s Office Key indigenous the lunchbox alongside the student terminal. This vital is worthless if you currently unlocked primary Tanner"s desk and also storage.

In the cafeteria, there"s a door resulting in the basement alongside the milk bottle machine to the north. There"s a lone supermutant hound inside and several meat bags that might contain random loot.

Make your method to the 2nd level head south. The first classroom come the best has another overdue book. The green double-door come the north deserve to be accessed utilizing the Library Key. There room some scattered mines and trap in the room as well as a publication return terminal which sadly, doesn"t contain anything precious spending the tokens on.
The little room to the NW has actually a red steamship trunk, armor workbench, numerous overdue books on the table, and also an worry of the Unstoppables. The locked room next to that can also be opened up with the library key. The only thing noteworthy inside is the holotape Property that R. Burton. When done, you deserve to now leaving this location.
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