Stuck on "still in the dark" freequest mission...

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» Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:16 am

therefore durring the tho In The Dark quest at hidden Valley I"m asked to find and isolate 3 virus infected computers in a room full of terminals.I do the efforts it around 30 times and can"t acquire it to work, so ns watched a male on you-tube execute a little walkthrough and when the did that a computer would say: "isolate virus" ...he"d click that, then go on to uncover two more before the moment ran out....sounds easy, other than that once I try it my computer systems say: "check partition" and "partition confirmed"I now have three terminals that say this also when not proactively doing the virus challenge. Once I do the difficulty I deserve to activate these three "partitioned" terminals before the time operation out, yet nothing happens. And all the various other terminals are simply jibberish and also never have any type of "isolate virus" options!!!!!THIS svckS!!!! has this occurred to anyone else? ...and is over there anything I deserve to do about it?Please phone call me this is no just an additional of the many mission blocking relief in this game, because I have enough of those already! ...*sigh*
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» Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:56 am

This taken place no my very first playthrough. I am sure that the is a bug, but it is still no fixed.My second playthrough, whatever worked fine. In fact, friend don"t also need to isolation all 3 on one attempt. Simply keep doing it until all three room isolated.Why that didn"t job-related for girlfriend (or for me the very first time?).I am not certain . . . You could try to reload an previously save and see if you obtain success on a subsequent fill effort. Reasoning really hard around this, i seem come remember that ns didn"t have actually the scientific research skill to indicate the partition option, so I check out a ability magazine. Then i did some various other stuff and also then check the partition . . . However by then, the magazine rise had run out. Perhaps, the "bug" is concerned this? the is, also though my science was enhanced to do the suggestion, it then decreased by the time I actually attempted it. On my second playthrough, my science skill to be high enough throughout the totality episode and I had actually no problems.Just a assumed . . . What was your situation?
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mine permenant scientific research skill is over 85, so ns don"t think thats the problem.What is a trouble is the I began that difficulty and as soon as I couldn"t number it out, ns left concealed Valley come do various other stuff, figuring I"d have the ability to come earlier and complete it later. Therefore the conserve I have prior to the an initial attempt is as well far earlier for me to want to reload..... This appears to occur A lot of in this game! One small glitch and also you"re screwed uneven you"re willing to "re-do" hundreds of hours worth of video game play just have actually a possibility of acquiring something come work. .....frustrating.Thanks though because that taking the moment to respond come my concern though!

In the plan of things, it just provents friend from help Hardin take end . . . Girlfriend still have the Mcnamara route open up to you.
It always worked for me. The trick is the realisaion that a time limit. You have to isolate the 3 or 4 computers prior to the virus jumps back. So if girlfriend can inspect all the terminals prior to the virus jumps back, you"ll uncover the computer systems that will allow you to isolate the virus.

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It always worked for me. The cheat is the realisaion that a time limit. You should isolate the 3 or 4 computers before the virus jumps back. For this reason if girlfriend can inspect all the terminals prior to the virus jumps back, you"ll find the computers that will permit you to isolate the virus.
Yeah, that doesn"t seem to be functioning in mine game. 3 of the terminals room permenantly assigned together "partition confirmed" and also the remainder are all jibberish. No issue how plenty of I inspect within the time limit.