With certain no knowledge of one anything prior to Fallout 3, I emerged this weird concept the various other day the Vault Tec initiated the battle in stimulate to examine their Vault inhabitants. My understanding is that they lobbied height US officials that were the ancestors of the current Enclave. What if they started the war v the promise that the Enclave can rebuild the United says in its very own image, and also Vault Tec is holed increase in a Vault somewhere monitoring their various experiments? No Chinese threat; no the contrary from various other politicians. Enclave rule the united States and Vault Tec does its studies.

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Downvote this if its fully outrageous however please explain the lore that makes the theory wrong.


According come the script of the autumn film, no China, India, no one North Korea introduced the first bomb. It was in reality Vault-Tec's executive, management of the vaults. He released the an initial bomb to accomplish his own prophecy of nuclear annihilation.


but since the movie got cancelled its not confirmed canon

Even if the movie was made the wouldn't be a reason to be it canon for the games. The doesn't matter anyway who started the nukes or the battle as always because ...

War, war never ever changes.

Honestly? that doesn't make a totality lot of feeling for castle to have actually done that. Yes, it's true and also we all hopefully recognize by now that Vault Tec to be an absurdly corrupt and also psychopathic company who conspired through the corrupt and also fascist US government of the Fallout cosmos to produce the Vault experiments. However, also though Vault Tec was cruel and basically evil in a most aspects, girlfriend can't think that them together stupidly power hungry. Think around it, they're a pre-war firm building advanced fallout shelters because that the government. Vault Tec was gaining paid through the united state to construct these things, and they then went on to charge human being for a clues in these Vaults. Vault Tec was most likely making an absurd amount of money, offering them a lot of power in the pre-war world, so why hazard it by starting the great War? There's no guarantee Vault Tec employee would also survive the war, no guarantee the Enclave can seize power (which they never have), and in no means would they benefit from it. Vault Tec was corrupt, but my bet is they just cared about the money they obtained from the Vaults and also fear mongering. Castle didn't treatment if they to be used. The Vaults were never ever meant to conserve anyone.

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Also, to various other folks in this thread, I'd like to allude out the icons on those nukes aren't similar to the Vault Tec logo. They're comparable in a many ways, however not specific at all. Likely they aren't Vault Tec bombs.