On Staten Island, the Gravano surname is identified with "mafia." Karen"s father, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, to be underboss of the Gambino crime family, and also his dealings provided her a childhood in which she wanted for nothing. After the Gambino family members was taken down, Sammy checked out prison and also Karen relocated to Arizona through her daughter Karina to escape she family"s reputation. Now Karen is earlier in new York and also has become passionate about prison reform. Making use of her riches of experience in the righteousness system, she is working tough to assist her boyfriend appeal the life sentence he"s serving. Meanwhile, Karina is trying to street herself native the Gravano family members legacy in search of a job in the competitive human being of finance, while her grandfather Sammy is launching a podcast to divulge his well known past, causing strife within the family.

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Billy O"Toole"s father, Italian-American mafioso wilhelm "Wild Bill" Cutolo, partnered through the ireland mafia in Brooklyn to gain power and also influence in the brand-new York underworld. Due to the fact that of his volatile upbringing, Billy quickly took come the criminal lifestyle and also consequently emerged a far-off relationship v his pair children, Joe and also Taylor, that were elevated by his ex-wife Jess. Regardless of his difficulties, Billy was working difficult to re-establish a partnership with his family and was showing signs of progress before he suddenly passed away. When his death was rule a suicide, Jess, Joe and also Taylor are launching one investigation, as they doubt the truth could be an ext complicated.

Gina Larocca jumped into the drug civilization in Staten Island and Brooklyn, a decision that led her to serve nine months in Rikers and left her then-infant son, CP, there is no a mom. CP"s father, Christian, is now ago in the picture after serving 5 years for narcotics charges in upstate new York. With assist from Gina, CP"s aunt Trish and also uncle Anthony -- who elevated him amidst his parents" legal issues -- room trying to command him away from more run-ins with the regulation while the navigates his partnership with Christian.

Eli Kiperman is preparing to reunite through his father, Boris Nayfeld, one of brand-new York"s most influential Russian mafia bosses who has actually been serving the end his probation in Moscow. Eli has chosen the legit route and is working tough to support his mother, Angela, who continues to struggle with the idea of a life without Boris.

Billy Cutolo Jr., the child of once-powerful underboss william "Wild Bill" Cutolo, proceeds to reacclimate come life v his household after your time in the witness protection program. Billy is planning come return to brand-new York because that the very first time because his father"s well known murder, to reunite through his estranged family and to tie up loosened ends with his father"s old associates.

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Two brand-new families join the Gravanos, O'Tooles and LaRoccas in Staten Island, NY, together this collection takes a deeper dive into the unfinished organization lurking in family members with ties to the mafia.