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lug the ultimate in convenience and value in her pocket through the household Dollar app!Download this particular day to:•Enjoy instant accessibility to clever Coupons•Track her Smart Coupons savings•Browse store ads and also seasonal books•Scan product barcodes in keep to uncover offers•Find the nearest family members Dollar storeTo redeem smart Coupons in stores, simply scan the app barcode or go into your call number in ~ checkout. Once you shop and scan your barcode, her savings will appear in the app. Basic to find, straightforward to use, basic to save!

• new look, same good features!• Easier access to save ads & digital publications • Featured promotions deserve to be found in “Deals” tab

Love every little thing except one tinyyy thing.

I absolutely love this app. And I love family dollar. I have actually a big family so I save money top top a lot of various things from infant items, to household cleaning supplies to also cute small gifts... The small spin slot machine thing is quite cool and also a quite touch. The scanner is a pretty touch. Now... The just thing ns don’t prefer is the find bar. Can you males please do it much more user friendly? Like, if I desire deodorant or toilet paper... Why can’t ns just kind “toilet paper” or “deodorant” and all the pertinent coupons pop up. I don’t favor that you have actually to type in the BRAND NAME. Ns a mother on a budget, a the majority of times i don’t focus on brand names, I simply want the deal! i feel like occasionally I miss out on out the a lot of of good coupons due to the fact that I can’t find the app for the yes, really product name instead of brand name. To add who has actually time to find through every one of your great coupons anyway. Ns feel favor with the change, I’d have the ability to shop more efficiently. Till then, I’ll keep using the scanner feature.

family dollar feed back

The family members dollar in Adairsville Ga. Is amazing! Those ladies room wonderful, lock are constantly willing to go the end of their means to help you uncover things and also they constantly have a kind word to say!!! the is why I will drive 35-40 min out of my means and drive previous the family members dollar in my very own town to go there.However, the family members dollar in Cartersville has actually the rudest employee of people I have ever before encountered. And the worst one is the person you rental to stand for your company. Beth and I have had several to meet that have actually been much less than civil!! She has actually accused me straight in front of various other customers of shot to return items the did not belong to your store, as soon as in fact I had proof of mine purchase, yet I walk grab the wrong item out of my car, I simply needed to switch them and also she would have seen mine mistake and also HERS! yet instead she to be yelling and making a seen and told me and my 5yr old kid that we”better NEVER” come ago in she store and she to be calling every the stores approximately the area come warn them about me. This is no the only bad incident or encounter us have had with her, I have actually called and also emailed her corporate much more than once and NEVER as soon as did I get a response. So currently if over there is anything ns really desire or need from your save I will certainly drive to the Adairsville store.

Worst customer service and management

I love to buy at household dollar yet the place I saw today constantly has the worst customer company ever the employee are constantly on their an individual phones talking around their personal situations no one is ever working doing whatever they want. I went in and also had some coupons i m sorry the worker said he applied to my purchases as soon as I invited up my car and looked in ~ the receipt i noticed he did not so i went earlier in to speak to the guy and he had no proviso what ns was talking about there was one more employee that was super pretty trying to explain to that on just how to perform everything and he payment no mind and didn’t care and told the manager come come take a watch the manager go not treatment he to be standing to the next on his cabinet phone talking about personal business and also just said the male I had actually to walk get every little thing from mine car and also return it since they couldn’t offer me the discount from the coupons and walked away proceeding his conversation ~ above the phone ns told them come return my items and also I to be no much longer interested in giving them my business or money anymore. I work in retail as well and know we need to do anything the takes to solve a issue and not it is in on personal calls during working hours specifically as a manager. This is the worst endure I’ve had anywhere

The developer, household Dollar, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include dealing with of data as explained below. For much more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

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