First things first — family Dollar doesn’t sell everything for a dissension or less.

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It’s much more like if the dissension store and Walgreens had actually a baby, it’d be named family Dollar. You’ll find a most drugstore brands, unlike a consistent dollar store. But the vibe and layout of the save still screams “dollar store.”

Overall, household Dollar keeps it an easy and straightforward. Here’s exactly how to coupon at household Dollar:


1. Download the family Dollar app to accessibility Smart Coupons.


Family Dollar provides at the very least $150 in digital coupons referred to as “Smart Coupons.” The easiest means to access Smart Coupons is by downloading and install the totally free Family dissension app.

You have the right to clip these family members Dollar coupons in desktop or mobile and then either have the cashier scan your unique application barcode or enter your call number in ~ checkout. Any coupons that you’ve clipped will immediately be deducted from her total. Coupon access is based on your shopping background and brand-new offers can appear anytime — so check earlier often!

Smart Coupons are mainly manufacturer coupons, but occasionally you’ll watch a digital store coupon.


2. Usage one digital or record manufacturer coupon per item at family Dollar.


Family Dollar also accepts paper manufacturer coupons from Sunday newspaper inserts and record coupons published from the web as lengthy as they have actually scannable barcodes.

Since most family Dollar smart Coupons are manufacturer coupons, save an identical paper manufacturer coupon because that a different store. You can only use one manufacturer coupon — file or digital — every item.

Have four identical items? You have the right to use up to four identical (a mix of record and digital is okay) manufacturer coupons in the very same transaction.


3. Look because that “$5 turn off $25” or “$3 turn off $15” family Dollar save coupons.


Check the household Dollar ad every main (released on Sundays) and also the family members Dollar app for special dollar-off promotions, choose “$5 turn off a $25 purchase” or “$3 turn off a $15 purchase.” These family Dollar store coupons have the right to be offered in conjunction with other Smart Coupons and/or record manufacturer coupons in the very same transaction.

You must satisfy the designated invest threshold after all other coupons and discounts are used — and also before taxes.


4. Stack family Dollar keep coupons with manufacturer coupons.


currently we’re getting krazy.

To obtain the many savings at family Dollar, ridge a household Dollar keep coupon (ex: $5 off your $15 or much more purchase of institution supplies) through a digital or file manufacturer coupon (ex: $1.50/2 Bic Stationary Products) and everyday short prices.

Here’s what the transaction could look like:

Buy 2 BIC Xtra Life Pens, 10 ct $1.50, consistent priceBuy 2 Licensed lunch Bags or Backpacks $5, continual priceBuy 1 2-Pocket Folder $0.50Buy 3 Post-It Notes, 2 ct $1, regular priceUse one $5 turn off – Your full $15 or more Purchase of school Supplies, family Dollar Digital keep Coupon ( use one $1.50/2 – Bic Stationery Products, family Dollar Digital Coupon ( Price: $10, when you buy 8


5. Friend can likewise stack household Dollar clever Coupons or record manufacturer coupons through rebate application offers.


Cash-back rebate apps like Ibotta and also Checkout 51 need to be component of your family Dollar to save arsenal.

Before heading into household Dollar, inspect to see if over there are any type of offers because that the products you require in a rebate application like Ibotta. Then, snap a pic of the receipt after her transaction and get money deposited into your Ibotta account shortly after.

Often, you can also pair a digital manufacturer smart Coupon (or a file manufacturer coupon) through a cash-back offer. The ultimate ridge would also include a family members Dollar save coupon (like $3 off $15), but those scenarios are rare.

Recently we bought bandages using a record manufacturer coupon indigenous the Smart source newspaper insert v an Ibotta offer. This is what that looked like:

Bought 1 Band-Aid difficult Strips, 10 ct $3.25, continuous priceUsed one $1.00/1 – Band-Aid tough Strips, Skin Flex, epidemic Defense, flexible Fabric, Hydro Seal, Water Block or Decorated Adhesive Bandages native SS July 19And it is registered one $1.00/1 – Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages choose Varieties, Ibotta Rebate ( $2.25, submitted because that $1 Ibotta creditFinal Price: $1.25

Here’s your Your Ultimate guide to Rebate Apps.


6. Download the KCL app and let us perform the hefty lifting for you.


We execute coupon matchups with family members Dollar sales whenever we watch a brand-new Family Dollar ad post to the website. Fine even attach to the coupons you need in bespeak to finish the deal.

Best part? countless of the family members Dollar deals we post are stock-up prices.

Download the KCL app and select “Family Dollar” as among your favourite stores in-app.


7. Memorize the bespeak coupons are used so you don’t have any kind of surprises at checkout.

Here’s the redemption order because that coupons:

Paper or keep Manufacturer Coupons: these coupons are applied to your item first.Store clever Coupons: Next, smart Coupons are used — but only if they’re family Dollar store coupons and also not manufacturer coupons.“$5 off $25” save Coupons (or similar): this are used last and your full must with the minimum after every coupons space applied.Cash-Back application Rebate (like Ibotta): Redeem Ibotta rebates shortly after you complete your purchase.


8. Aim because that at least 50-60% savings when you usage coupons at household Dollar.

It’s fairly easy to get items for half-price when you combine a coupon and also a sale. Target this savings amount for all your purchases and you’ll feel prefer an completed supersaver.


9. Run on clearance items that are less than $1.

You can discover items roughly the keep that space under $1. I discovered a hand-held cheese grater because that $0.60, rivaling Walmart’s lowest prices top top kitchen gadgets — $0.88 every in store.

Even better, the family members Dollar coupon plan says you’re permitted to usage coupons ~ above sale and clearance items.


10. Last markdown clearance items have actually an orange sticker.

You can discover these on the shelf combined in v regular-price merchandise or on devoted “clearance shelves.”


11. Look for “Price Drop” signage — that’s her signal to use coupons!

Find the end which items received recent price drops online or just look because that the tags in store. These room sale items so you certainly want to stack a coupon or one Ibotta rebate v a price drop.


12. Shop brand-name $1 WOW! deals.

You can find tons of brands from the likes that Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, or Hershey’s for $1. Look because that the “$1 WOW!” signs in shop or inspect out existing $1 WOW! offerings online.

Palmolive OXY is just $0.06/oz. At household Dollar, but it’s $0.10/oz. In ~ Walmart. Stack this dollar purchase with a coupon, and you’re couponing choose a pro.


13. Examine out family members Dollar brands, however prepare to it is in underwhelmed.

You’ll see family Dollar signage almost everywhere the save indicating a “Compare & Save” opportunity. Sure, if you compare family Dollar’s brands with name-brand prices, the keep brand is cheaper. Yet when you to compare the store-brand price v stock-up prices throughout the board, family members Dollar still falls short.

For example, a an excellent stock-up price ~ above name-brand toilet paper (think: Charmin, Cottonelle, etc.) is $0.01-$0.02/sq. Ft. Household Dollar’s store-brand toilet file comes in roughly $0.03/sq. Ft.

You can obtain the ideal toilet file deals as soon as you usage coupons on name brands.


14. Don’t bother trying come use challenger coupons or acquire a rain check. Or a price match. Or a price adjustment.

Family Dollar really doesn’t pat ball as soon as it pertains to direct compete with various other retailers.

And if things you have a coupon because that is out of stock, you’re the end of luck.


15. Plan to shop in shop only.

Like plenty of other discount stores (looking at you, Ross), family members Dollar doesn’t sell online shopping. You must go in the save to to buy items.


16. Usage your EBT benefits to purchase groceries at family Dollar.

Like plenty of grocery and drugstores, family Dollar stores accept food stamps.


17. To buy kids’ lunch boxes and home/seasonal decor at family Dollar.

Truth it is in told, a lot of family members Dollar’s prices are similar to Walmart. Yet there room a few gems if you look difficult enough. Having lunch boxes are fifty percent the price the Walmart’s, and certain home and seasonal decor come in slightly lower.

That said, always double check come be details Family disagreement is giving you the lowest price you can get on an item.

“Frozen” character lunch box

Family Dollar: $5.00

Outdoor litter pillows

Family Dollar: $5.00

12″ plastic planter

Family Dollar: $5.00


18. Skip to buy laundry laundry detergent and little appliances.

Even if you usage coupons at family members Dollar, it i will not ~ be sufficient to acquire the ideal laundry detergent deals, because Walgreens and Target continuously come in with reduced prices after coupons.

Learn exactly how to never ever pay full price because that laundry laundry detergent again.

Small appliances are regularly the very same price (or cheaper) in ~ Walmart than at household Dollar. This coffee pot is $20 at family members Dollar and $19.77 in ~ Walmart.

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