Family Feud has constantly been a lovely show, ever due to the fact that its inception in 1976 by producer mark Goodson, who was additionally behind various other hit video game shows choose The Price Is Right and Match Game. And—we’re proud to say—these days, through Steve Harvey as host and a seasoned manufacturing team in ~ the helm, the display is an ext popular 보다 ever. If you’re amongst those who can’t seem come get enough of the Feud, you deserve to dip right into the archives online. That true! You have the right to now stream standard episodes ~ above Amazon prime or head over to Buzzrplay or (watch Louie Anderson–era episodes day-to-day at 11am PST; examine the schedules virtual for various other air times).

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Tune in and you’ll see, the love of the show, no to point out the format, hasn’t adjusted much end the years, but the encounters at the center of the phase have. Here’s a short look in ~ the seven guys who have kept our studio audience cheering and the masses coming back for much more Feud main after week, because that over 40 years and also counting!

Richard Dawson (1976–85; 1994–95)


Executive Producers: Howard Felsher, Chester Feldman, & Gary Dawson (1994-95) Directors: Paul alter & Andy Felsher Announcer: Gene Wood Networks: alphabet (1976–85) & syndicated

Believe that or not, ours first-ever host met his second wife on the show. In 1981, a contestant called Gretchen Johnson appeared on the Feud stage, and won $12,659 with her family. Ripe years later, she and also Dawson married. After his nine-year inaugural operation as host, Dawson reverted for one more season in 1994.

Ray Combs (1988–94)


Executive Producers: Howard Felsher & Chester Feldman Directors: Paul change (1988–90), Marc Breslow (1988–93), Andy Felsher (1990–94) Announcer: Gene Wood Networks: CBS (1988–92) & syndicated

Combs ended up being host in 1988, after ~ a three-year hiatus following Dawson’s run. In ~ the time, he was a comic perhaps best known for his 1986 stand-up illustration on The Tonight show Starring Johnny Carson, which earned that a standing ovation.

Louie Anderson (1999–2002)


Executive Producers: Michael Canter (1999–2001) & Gaby Johnston (2002) Director: Lenn Goodside Announcer: Burton Richardson Network: Syndicated

Anderson is a longtime comic known today for his breakout function as Mrs. Baskets ~ above the FX series Baskets. During his three-year stint on the Feud, he held a charity illustration after 9/11, in i beg your pardon the brand-new York Fire Department took on the brand-new York Police Department and also raised $75,000 for recovery efforts.

Richard Karn (2002–2006)


Executive Producer: Gaby Johnston Director: Ken Fuchs Announcer: Burton Richardson Network: Syndicated

When Karn took over together host, he was well-known as Al Borland, goofy sidekick to Tim the Toolman Taylor top top the sitcom residence Improvement. In 2002, Karn additionally appeared in the music video for The Strokes’ “Someday,” i m sorry featured the band on a fictional episode of household Feud, encountering off versus another band, Guided by Voices.

John O’Hurley (2006–2010)


Executive Producer: Gaby Johnston Director: Ken Fuchs Announcer: Burton Richardson Network: Syndicated

O’Hurley, a one-time soap opera actor and avid golfer who plays on the Celebrity football player Tour, concerned the Feud complying with his reasonably infamous duty as J. Peterman (aka Elaine’s boss) top top Seinfeld.

Celebrity household Feud through Al Roker (2008)


Executive Producer: Gaby Johnston Director: Ken Fuchs Announcer: Burton Richardson Network: NBC

We can not forget about Celebrity family members Feud! Al Roker—weatherman that the Today show fame—hosted the first edition, which kicked off in 2008. Roker has appeared on countless celebrity game shows self (Jeopardy!, Wheel that Fortune, and Hollywood Squares), and additionally hosted MSNBC’s game present Remember This? native 1996 come 1997.

Notable Celebrities/Teams: Ice-T, Joan & Melissa Rivers, Raven-Symoné, Wayne Newton, Kathie Lee Gifford, Duane Chapman, The Office, American Gladiators, Larry the Cable Guy, Vivica Fox, Mo’Nique, Kim Kardashian, Deion Sanders, Ed McMahon, Margaret Cho.

Steve Harvey (2010–present)


Executive Producer: Gaby Johnston, Jennifer Mullin, Kevin Williams (2010–11) Co-Executive Producers: Kristin Bjorklund, Sara Dansby, Brian Hawley Directors: Ken Fuchs, Hugh Bartlett (2013–present), Karen apple (2011–2012) Announcers: Joey Fatone (2010–15) & Rubin Ervin (2015–present) Network: Syndicated

What deserve to we say around Steve the hasn’t currently been said? he’s on Dawson’s heels together our longest-standing host, and audiences can not get enough of his snappy wardrobe and also his quick wit. Us love Steve simply as much as our fans—and we can’t imagine the show without him.

Notable Celebrity Guests: Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, Omar Epps, Romany Malco, DC Young Fly, Jessie T. Usher, Kimberly Elise, will Packer, David E. Talbert, Keri Hilson, chris Paul, honey Boo Boo through Mama June & Family, The Cake boss & Family, residential or commercial property Brothers, Kitchen Cousins.

Celebrity household Feud through Steve Harvey (2015–present)


Executive Producer: Gaby Johnston, Jennifer Mullin, Steve Harvey, Gerald Washington, Thom Beers (2015) Co-Executive Producers: Kristin Bjorklund, Sara Dansby, Brian Hawley Director: Ken Fuchs Announcer: Burton Richardson Network: ABC

For the past three years, Steve has also hosted the relaunched Celebrity version of Feud, to—unsurprisingly—hilarious results. Check out our favourite laugh-out-loud moments from critical season here, and also catch the new season airing this summer on ABC!

Notable Celebrities/Teams: Anthony Anderson, Toni Braxton, NFL AFC/NFC, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, Phil McGraw, Garry & coin Marshall, Rob/Dan/Chris Gronkowski, Mario Lopez, Lance Bass, Snoop Dogg, Sugar beam Leonard, Laila Ali, George Hamilton, Melissa Joan Hart, Paul Sorvino, Sports portrayed Swimsuit models, Jaleel White, Tommy Davidson, Alan Thicke, Alfonso Ribeiro, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Schumer, Chrissy Metz.

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