an Iowa family vacationing in Mexico was found dead Friday within a condominium in Tulum, follow to police.

The body of Kevin Wayne Sharp; his wife, Amy Marie Sharp; your son, Sterling, 12; and daughter Adrianna, 7, were uncovered during a welfare check by mexico authorities at the vacation rental, according to note Williams, chef dispatcher for the Creston Police room in Iowa.

A household member reported the Sharps as absent just after ~ midnight, a statement from the police department said. Regional police in Iowa made contact with the us State Department before Mexican authorities confirm on the family at the seaside Caribbean condo, wherein they were found dead.

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Police told affiliate KCCI in Des Moines there to be “no indicators of traumatic injury” come the family. Autopsies are being performed in Mexico, the police declare said.

Jana Weland, a relative, said the family arrived in Tulum on march 15. Castle were continuing to be in a rental home they uncovered through a vacation rental company. The last contact the household had v the Sharps to be a photo the son posted come Snapchat that his feet through the water the day, Weland said.

The Sharps were supposed to return from their vacation Wednesday, Weland said. Kevin Sharp, that owns a beer distribution company, fail to check in v his employees the morning as planned, which was unlike him, Weland said.

climate the family failed to to visit a basketball video game Wednesday night in Danville, Illinois – a game Weland stated the household was looking forward to. Yet the extended family waited till Thursday night to call authorities in situation the Sharps had problems with your flight.

Stock vehicle racer

Besides functioning in beer distribution, Kevin sharp was a race automobile driver in ~ southwestern Iowa’s Adams county Speedway, whereby he finished 4th in last year’s stock car collection standings.

Sharp an initial got associated in the speedway through his beer circulation business, and also eventually came to be a plank member, track announcer Bob Harris said.


Harris stated the Sharp family was strictly knit.

“Everything lock did, castle did together a family,” Harris said. “His family was associated – his son was working on the race auto with him, cheering him on. Right here in Iowa gyeongju is a large family; we shot to promote it as a household sport and (the Sharps) live it.”

Harris said he last messaged sharp on march 14, around a racetrack project. Spicy messaged back, saying the plans for the job looked great, and that he to be traveling come Mexico.

The 2 were claimed to walk racing together following week, Harris said.’s lining Johnston and also Marlena Baldacci added to this report.

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