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Editor’s note: as the travel industry reopens following COVID-19 shutdowns, TPG says that you talk to her doctor, follow health and wellness officials’ guidance and also research regional travel restrictions prior to booking that following trip. We will certainly be here to assist you prepare, whether it is next month or next year. Countless Riviera Maya hotels reopen ~ above July 1, 2020.

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Easy-to-book nonstop flights indigenous the U.S. To Cancun international Airport (CUN) do the culturally rich, jungle-like setting of Mexico’s Riviera Maya region an ideal and easily accessible destination for a warm-weather getaway.

Do you have a Southwest Companion pass that enables you to carry a companion along for simply the count on the ticket? If so, gaining to Cancun is an amazing deal and in normal times, Southwest paris there nonstop from cities favor Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore-BWI, Denver, Houston, Nashville and also more. Connecting flights are accessible as well.

We’ve additionally seen an excellent cash deals — $162 every round-trip ticket, for instance — on United, Frontier and Volaris this year. And that to be for travel throughout peak feather break days in February and March.

I’ve been traveling come this region since 2006 and also have watched a new crop of deluxe resorts walk up in the past dozen years. Over there are likewise new cultural activities — walking amongst Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, zip lining over the tropical or swim in cenotes (stunning freshwater swim holes). If you’re an energetic family, this is your place.

Check the end TPG’s Mexico hub for whatever you should know about traveling to the beaches, ancient ruins and inland destinations.

Fundadores Park in Playa del Carmen. (Photo through Chad Zuber/Shutterstock)

This component of Mexico stretches from Cancun come Tulum follow me the Caribbean Sea and includes the archipelago of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, and the resort city of Playa del Carmen. The is dotted v adults-only resorts, however there are additionally plenty of nature (some all-inclusive) the cater come families. The all-inclusive properties average no extra cost for extra cheeseburgers or late-night room-service dessert as well as watersports rentals and accessibility to children clubs. Who wants surprise charges at checkout? on the various other hand, the properties the aren’t all-inclusive can give you a good return for your points and many sell all-inclusive packages if girlfriend ask because that an extra rate.

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Here room our favourite resorts you can publication on points because that a family members getaway in Riviera Maya.

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Andaz Mayakoba resort Riviera Maya

Program: World that Hyatt

Room v two dual beds: category 6 native 25,000 points per night

At Andaz Mayakoba will Riviera Maya, younger travelers eras 4–12 favor the Kimbo kids Club at this 214-room resort wherein they have the right to sign increase for activities like a watercraft tour that teaches about ecology or exactly how to make crafts aboriginal to the region. This is no an all-inclusive resort, but it is one the caters come adults and kids alike.

(Photo courtesy the Andaz Mayakoba will Riviera Maya)

Five room categories sell varying views and also locations within the resort, consisting of beachfront (with two twin beds) wherein the sand is a quick walk away. There space two out pools, and the design is bright, crisp and also modern. It’s lies within the 600-acre gated Mayakoba facility (also home to Rosewood, Fairmont and also Banyan Tree properties), making that a an excellent place because that hiking or jogging on local trails or making use of a totally free bicycle. Chauffeured golf carts are especially valuable when kids get tired. Do this particularly worthwhile remain by earning points with the people of Hyatt credit Card.

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JW Marriott Cancun will & Spa

Program: Marriott Bonvoy

Ocean see Deluxe Guest Room v two double beds and balcony: category 6 (50,000 points per night on standard dates)

Part that the Marriott Cancun arsenal — v Marriott Cancun will — this 447-room property just finished a $40-million renovation. Accommodations include ocean-facing rooms through two twin beds and a balcony. V a full-service spa, there space treatments for everyone; over there are also custom spa treatments on the menu simply for tweens. Lessons in Spanish and also building a killer sand castle are amongst other activities easily accessible at the children club.

One that the three pools on building is simply for kids, and a poolside private cabana keeps everyone with each other for the afternoon. Six restaurants easily satisfy the stroller, stick eaters in your group. If girlfriend don’t have enough Marriott Rewards points, transfer some of your follow Ultimate Rewards in ~ a 1:1 ratio. Girlfriend can also use a Marriott approximately 50k award-night certificate that’s conferred on the map anniversary of the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card.

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(Photo by Daniel Hank/The clues Guy)

Marriott Cancun Resort

Program: Marriott Bonvoy

Resort view Guest Room v two twin beds and balcony: classification 5 (35,000 points every night on standard dates)

Marriott’s Cancun resort is another great choice because that families. Every suites with king beds also have a pullout sofa to assist accommodate small families. Various other rooms sell rollaway beds, therefore check before you book if you have actually a bigger family.

If your kid is between the eras of 4 and also 12, the youngsters club ($35 fee) provides lessons in Spanish and in do piñatas and other crafts. There’s even a turtle-release program in September and also October. Nine restaurants offer every little thing from sports-bar cuisine come poolside snacks. The totality family can participate in poolside and beachfront tasks like beach volleyball and cooking classes. Since this is a classification 5 property, you have the right to use a free-night certificate (worth approximately 35,000 points) like the one you deserve to earn top top the anniversary of holding the Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card.

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(Photo courtesy of Marriott Cancun Resort)

Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen

Program: World of Hyatt

Room with two queen beds: classification 6 indigenous 25,000 points every night

At the grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen, the Tortuguita Camp Hyatt (the 314-room resort’s kids club, for kids between the periods of 4 and also 11) offers fun tasks like handcrafts, costumes, toys and cooking classes. There is likewise a teen arcade for children 12 and up.

(Photo courtesy of cool Hyatt Playa del Carmen)

All three of the resort’s infinity pools challenge the beach and the balconies are furnished (suite balconies have actually a private plunge pool). The resort is a few blocks from Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen, a pedestrian-only stretch lined through restaurants and also boutiques. Over there are 4 restaurants ~ above property, native a life bar committed entirely to episode (yum) come a relaxing terrace restaurant. If you need an ext Hyatt clues to book your stay, you can transfer follow Ultimate Rewards native cards such together the follow Sapphire Reserve®andChase Sapphire Preferred® map at a 1:1 proportion to your Hyatt account.

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(Photo courtesy of grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen)

Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Program: World the Hyatt

Resort see room with two double beds: From 25,000 points every night

Hyatt Ziva Cancun beach at Sunset (Photo through Summer Hull/The clues Guy)

What renders Hyatt Ziva Cancun — an all-inclusive sibling to the adults-only Hyatt Zilara Cancun — exceptional to various other kid-friendly all-inclusives in the area is the it has a waterpark and also KidZ Club through a game room, both contained in the will fee.

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Hyatt Ziva Cancun children Club. (Photo by Summer Hull/The point out Guy)

The consisted of on-site food is fantastic, through a range of themed restaurants and also even a margarita bar.

Hyatt Ziva Cancun themed restaurant (Photo by Summer Hull/The points Guy)

At the Hyatt Ziva Cancun, there is also live music and social shows in the outdoor amphitheater design for every ages, which renders a night out as a family easy (and “free”). Water tasks on property incorporate standup paddleboarding, snorkeling and also paddle yoga. A to mark for children of all eras is the consisted of all-you-can-enjoy dessert save — what can be much better than “free” dessert?

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Included candy save at Hyatt Ziva Cancun (Photo by Summer Hull/The clues Guy)

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

This all-inclusive539-suite beachfront property, collection on 209 acres, simply rolled out a glamping choice (included in the nightly rate) because that kids, i beg your pardon folds in tasks like making dreamcatchers, roasting s’mores end the fire and creating a puppet show. Children can select to sleep earlier in your room or invest the night in their an individual tepee. The children club and teen club keep younger travelers engaged. Every suite has a spacious balcony, part with exclusive plunge pools, and the new oceanfront Grand course section recently adjusted from adults-only to all-ages.

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(Photo courtesy of grand Velas)

The smaller sized of the suites permits for two adults and also two kids; larger family members may favor the two-bedroom family Suites. Teenagers (between the ages of 13 and 18) have a devoted club with video games, karaoke and also a disco floor when smaller youngsters enjoy the children club. Traveling with a baby? Ask for the baby Concierge to name: coordinates things prefer floaties because that the pool and organic foods. Family members entertainment consists of cooking classes, sand-castle building, eco-cycling tours and also astronomy nights.

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(Photo courtesy of grand Velas Riviera Maya)

You can’t book the cool Velas with timeless hotel points, yet you have the right to often book it through Chase’s travel portal using either cash or points.

Panama Jack will Playa del Carmen

A kids club through an outdoor play area plus family suites v bunk beds (in enhancement to a king bed and pullout couch) lure families to all-inclusive Panama Jack resorts Playa del Carmen. This 287-room beachfront will is a sister property to a Panama Jack in Cancun. The Playa del Carmen residential property is near the pedestrian-only Quinta Avenida with its shops and also boutiques. Buffets are generally popular v all ages, yet this resort has actually a buffet just for kids, and it’s a vast hit with small travelers.

(Photo courtesy the Panama Jack)

The resort’s nightly to chat — such as Mexican Night wherein the lobby transforms into a mexico fiesta — is design to attract guests of every ages.

This will can likewise be booked using cash or can be fried Rewards points v Chase’s travel portal.

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Bottom line

Mexico’s Riviera Maya region has a host of resorts that have at the very least a decade of suffer in catering come what households want and need top top vacation. Your brood will certainly be pampered at any of these properties and, if you use your points, the expedition will it is in a good value too.