FAMILY Guy has been compelled to axe their controversial abortion illustration after the cartoon to be scooped up by Disney+.

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The famous streaming organization have just got their hand the animated series, but they've determined to scrap episode 21 the the eighth season.

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Disney+ have determined to scrap one of family Guy's most controversial episodesCredit: Fox

The final episode of that series, title Partial terms of Endearment, sees Lois Griffin controversy whether or no she need to go with with she pregnancy.

Lois gets talking to a college pal referred to as Naomi, who admits she's to be struggling to start a family members with she husband Dale.

The housewife decides to aid her girlfriend in need and becomes a surrogate because that the couple through IVF.

Things take it a revolve for the worst when Naomi and also Dale end up in a auto crash the takes both of your lives.


Lois is left wondering what to do around the infant she is carryingCredit: Fox

Lois disputes what is ideal for the unborn kid - transporting on with the pregnancy and putting the baby up for fostering or going v with one abortion.

While Peter tries to convince Lois to keep the infant after taking component in one anti-abortion protest, it appears that she's currently made up her mind.

Lois highlights her future problems for their, through her key concern around not gift able come afford to look after an additional child - together she already has Meg, Chris, and Stewie.

Peter walk on to check their decision once the episode ended.

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Lois determined to go with with the terminationCredit: Fox

He simply told the audience: "We had the abortion."

Back in 2010 Fox prohibition the controversial episode from playing on air in the US.

But over in the UK, BBC iPlayer allowed fans to clock it online.

The comedy an initial hit our displays in 1999 and also follows the adventures of the Griffin family.




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In might last year pan of the comedy to be left ecstatic as soon as they uncovered out that Fox had actually renewed the show for a nineteenth season.

It walk on come premiere ~ above September 27 2020.

Disney+ didn't just add Family male to their business yesterday, they also added hundreds the other brand-new TV shows and also movies consisting of Lost, Borat, nice Woman and also Desperate Housewives.

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Family male airs on Fox in the US, and also ITV2 in the UK.


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