Brian Goes back to College
Season 4, illustration 15
Airdate November 13, 2005
Production Number 5ACX05
Written by Matt Fleckenstein
Directed by Greg Colton
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Family Guy — Season Four

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Brian Goes ago to College is the fifteenth illustration of the fourth season of family Guy, and the sixty-fifth illustration overall.

In this episode, Brian returns to Brown college to complete his college degree and Stewie stows along for the ride. Peter and the neighborhood guys form their own "A-Team" and look to help out the neighborhood after winning an 80"s costume contest.

Guest Stars:Ralph Garman (Fielding and Lance), note Hentemann (Goth Freshmen and Guy #1), kris Sheridan (James), Phil LaMarr (Various), john Viener (Emcee), Danny blacksmith (Various), Johnny Brennan (Various), Patrick Warburton (Joe), Fred Tatasciore (Announcer, Father, and also Professor), Anne-Michelle Seiler (Female Student, and small Girl)


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Plot Overview

Peter, Cleveland, Quagmire and also Joe attend a 1980s-themed party and enter a costume contest. The foursome decision to come dressed as the personalities from The A-Team (Peter together team leader Hannibal Smith, Cleveland as B.A. Baracus, Quagmire together Templeton "Face" Peck, and also Joe together (a paraplegic) Murdock). The foursome win the contest, and also are motivated to form their own community activity group based upon the 1980s action-adventure TV series. Peter buys a supplied GMC van and paints it to look choose the one offered by the personalities they room mimicking.

As can be imagined, Quahog"s A-Team blunder in your efforts. First, they try rescuing a cat from a high tree by firing maker guns at the tree, resulting in it to fall over ~ above the girl"s house; the girl"s father angrily orders them away. Later, they learn that a regional park is targeted for redevelopment, and also the team shows up to run the home builders off; however, the contractors manage to define that the process to blame to the park has actually been completed legally. Peter decides in ~ this suggest to disband the A-Team.

Peter"s antics, however, serve as the subplot for the key story, centering ~ above Brian"s desire come go ago to college. Brian writes a story around the costume dispute for the local newspaper, and also the editor that The brand-new Yorker is so impression by the reporting that he invites Brian to create for the magazine. When Brian lets slip the he never ever completed college, he is fired. A depression Brian — with Lois" encouragement — realizes that the only means to realize his desires is come re-enrol at Brown University.

Stewie tag along, his just goal come party on campus; he it s okay Gary Coleman to dress up choose him, to fool the family members into reasoning Stewie is still in ~ home. Meanwhile, Brian doesn"t fight it turn off well through his professor, that is a quadriplegic. However, the relationship boosts once Brian gets a high class on a test. What the teacher doesn"t understand is that Brian cheated. Brian goes come a party — wherein his professor and his wife, likewise a quadriplegic, space attending — to admit what that did, but is cut off by the teacher"s explanation that he inspired him and additionally caused him to end up being so depression he seriously taken into consideration suicide. Brian realizes he needs to study, but is pestered by a party-hungry Stewie. Priceless days pass, and Brian is can not to study, early Stewie"s constant interruptions but also because of his conscience; he at some point wilts under pressure and also realizes he requirements to uncover a means to cheat, therefore he can pass the test.

The 2 stories merge when again near the end, after ~ Brian has actually overslept ~ above the job of the test. Peter is moping approximately the house, bemoaning the fail of his "A-Team," as soon as Lois says that he journey Brian come college. Peter and also his buddies reconvene your team and rush turn off to college, crashing the van right into the auditorium and also delivering Brian in time. Brian falls short the test, however tells the family members he is proud the he took the test honestly.

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Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Brown vs. Plank of Education — The 1954 can be fried Court case litigants offer as the surname of the groups in the football game, whereby Brown college competes versus an outmanned "Board the Education" team. Debbie Gibson — Peter provides a remark about Debbie Gibson"s controversial naked pictoral in Playboy magazine. Rocky IV — The scene of Brian going v a significant workout regiment in the dead that winter is virtually like the scene of Rocky Balboa in the 1985 movie. Snoopy, Come Home — The scenes wherein Brian loses his task at The new Yorker, the ceo hangs a "No dog Allowed" sign on the door, and a depression Brian lies on height of the doghouse is influenced by the 1972 "Peanuts" television special.

Memorable Moments

The classic A-Team opened montage, family members guy style !


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