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At least you can always clean her ears and also listen to far better renditions from various other artists, consisting of (but not minimal to)* Adam Lambert* Ariana Grande* Demi Lovato* Jackie Evancho* Jordin Sparks* Kelly Clarkson* Luther Vandross* Richard Marx* Sebastien de la Cruz* Sofia Carson* Taylor Swift* Whitney Houston

action leopard1224y↑243

Chris was so hilarious in this scene. The method he claimed "Baked" acquired me dying.

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James Haggerty2y↑11

action leopard122 loved how he even bothered to go the talent show. Funny just how smart that is about pot.

Benjamin Browder6y↑339

Should have called themselves a handful of Yoko and also performed it at the Museum of contemporary Art. Would certainly have gotten standing ovations.

The sky Führer28w

The method they actually sound = the finish of Season 1, episode 10 of "The Eric Andre present (Ryan Phillippe)".

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Gerardo Macias2y↑3

So the difficulty wasn’t that they to be high, it the they needed the audience to be high together well.

Hannah Kinderknecht2y↑160

LYRICSIn God’s eye everybody’s hotThis civilization has beauty all v herPicture the fattest chick girlfriend knowGod would completely do herHe’d execute her every the method Even contact her the next day to see just how work was going

Lloyd Walton34w↑4

When Peter is laying top top his earlier and starts kicking his leg, death me every time