go I do That? 10 time Steve Urkel damaged Everyone's resides On family members Matters Steve Urkel was the nerdy neighbor come the Winslow"s in family members Matters. Below are times as soon as caused large problems for people.

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The name Steve Urkel has come to be synonymous v words like a geek and also 90"s pop culture. He was the nerdy neighbor come the Winslow"s played by Jaleel White top top the well-known TGIF television show Family Matters and also his plenty of disasters and also inventions gone awry space what coined the well known catchphrase "Did I execute That?" A inquiry to which the answer was virtually certainly a big fat yes!

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His clumsy nature paired with his vast I.Q. Landed Steve Urkel in an massive amount of sticky situations and also his search to win over the Winslow"s youngest daughter, Laura, caused the household to feel the brunt the his chaos. Steve Urkel"s antics made the life of the Winslows much from boring together he filled their days with clones and robotic version of himself and damaged their nights with fires and also untimely sprinklers.

In the season two opening episode "Rachel"s Place", Steve and Laura gain jobs at Leroys, a burger location that is a famous hangout for their peers. Steve quickly shows his clumsiness and breaks many dishes yet instead of shoot him, the owner decides to deduct the price from his pay. Yet the owner conveniently regrets giving Steve a second chance as soon as the location burns down because of Steve trying to usage the grill. The silver lining of this utter catastrophe of a first job is that it prompts Rachel, Laura"s Aunt, to open up a diner of her own, a dream she has had for part time. She even recruits Steve to aid with planning and financing.

9 He Gets stuck on Laura, Literally

In the season 4 illustration "Hot Wheels", Steve find the perfect factor to try out his brand-new invention ~ above Laura"s broken earing, a at sight glue that dries at sight fast and seems permanent. All good things because that a super glue to have, but in the hands of Steve Urkel it leader to that an extremely hand to be super glued to Laura"s shoulder, right before a warm date.

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Thankfully he finds a way to eliminate the hand yet Steve should have actually known to brand his glue far better to stop future mishaps, because afterwards the exact same glue reasons a fascial mask to turn into a permanent mask that might be a prop in a Jim Carrey movie.

In this season 8 illustration "Odd male In" Urkel might remind viewers of an additional popular klutz indigenous the "50s who has a many in usual with Steve. Once Steve takes over a change for Eddie together a peanut vendor, hilarity ensues as he provides mistake ~ mistake in a storyline the parallels the illustration of I Love Lucy, "Lucy and also Bob Hope" as soon as she tries to speak to Bob expect at a baseball game to to convince him she is no a jinx, causing her normal hijinks in the process. Over on Family Matters, Eddie the course it s okay fired native the job yet learns the value of law his very own work and also Urkel learns that he must stay far from bleachers.

7 that Destroys The Garage

prompted by his desire to assist Carl v some remodeling in the garage, Steve takes several of Laura"s diet pills, reasoning they are just Vitamin-C and will put a tiny pep in his step. However the pills are full of caffeine and he becomes super hyper and almost destroys a wall in the garage when trying to install shelves.

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All the shelves, crooked and barely hanging on, loss down once Harriet areas a tiny cup ~ above them. However the Winslows are much more concerned around Steves"s health than the garage and also while Harriet has a love to heart with Laura, Carl takes Steve to the hospital to inspect on his very own racing heart.

as soon as trying to display Carl a new feature he added to his change machine, in which it deserve to make small things big, the an equipment malfunctions and also zaps the two of them. The two organize their breath, waiting to flourish huge, however it go the the opposite effect, shrinking the two in a scene that pays homage come Honey i Shrunk The Kids.

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The two are stranded ~ above the kitchen counter and also must make it through a roll canteloupe and also a hungry cat however at least there are giant snacks! A absent to the device by Harriet causes the maker to zap the two back to normal, but it likewise causes the cat to become gigantic.

5 He Clones Himself

In season 7, Steve clones himself, and, together the family members has barely become adjusted to the gained taste that is Steve, the clone is not precisely welcomed by the Winslows. If one Steve is chaos 2 is just madness. Very sewing Laura convinces Steve of this really thing, yet she could have had ulterior motives because she provides this instance to her advantage by convincing Steve to turn the clone right into Stefan, who she is in love with.

throughout a presentation of his newest invention, one adjusting television stand, Steve winds up putting a hole in the floor of the master bedroom, lot to a resting Carl"s dismay. Afraid he will never ever be allowed in Winslow"s house again, Steve decides to get a task to pay because that the damage but unsurprisingly, nobody is ready to hire him. So he sends out in Stefan to carry out the job.

3 He ruins The Junior Prom

Steve is in fee of the confetti drop at the junior Prom but decides the confetti is boring for this reason he invents a remote-controlled balloon autumn to finish the evening. His invention impresses his date Myra till he in reality goes to use it. Of course the maker malfunctions and also instead of releasing the balloons, it turns on the sprinklers, soaking everyone at the dance. This occurrence incites his well known question "Did I do That?" and the entirety gym responds in unison with a loud "Yes!".

In the season 3 illustration "Robo-Nerd", Steve Urkel invents the Urkelbot, one of the strangest robots ever. The robot has method too lot in common with Steve, consisting of his love because that Laura. The robot manages to trap Steve in a closet and also attempts to kidnap Laura yet Steve escapes gradually to rescue Laura from his own invention, again. Yet not before the Urkelbot serenades Laura through his impersonation of Elvis.

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1 He reasons A Satellite come Crash right into The room Station

In component 1 of the 2 component series finale, Steve go to room to test the end his new invention and causes a satellite to crash into the space station. This leader to Steve floating in room as he tries to fix the damage. It was a funny episode yet the storyline wasn"t exactly what fans would have picked for the display to go the end on. Family Matters was canceled prior to the show got to finish their story through a tenth and final season so, Steve almost ruining space exploration forever was the ending fans room left with.