family members of 5 killed in fiery vehicle crash 00:28 Lexington, Ky.

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— A doubt drunken driver heading the wrong method on interstate 75 in Kentucky to win a vehicle carrying five family members members from Michigan early on Sunday, death all six people, authorities said.

The southbound pickup truck being driven in the northbound lanes win the family"s sports utility auto at 2:30 a.m. In Lexington. The SUV caught fire and also all 5 occupants the that auto died, along with the pickup"s driver, Lexington police said in a statement.

The family from Northville, Michigan, to be returning indigenous a vacation in Florida, the Fayette county coroner"s office said.

Witness Kenneth DeGraaf told neighborhood media the pickup truck to be coming toward him prior to the fiery crash.

"I assumed I to be seeing something, honestly," DeGraaf told WLEX-TV. "He was in the center lane. I remained in the facility lane. I had actually to merge the end of the means at the last second to gain to the best lane. I mean, he to be flying. Absolutely flying."

Crews respond to a deadly auto accident early on Sun., Jan. 6, 2019, in Lexington, Ky. WKYT-TV

The driver that the white pickup was established as 41-year-old Joey Lee Bailey of Georgetown. The coroner"s statement claims authorities believe Bailey to be driving under the influence. Results of a toxicology report space pending, follow to CBS affiliate WKYT-TV. The interstate to be shut for hrs as the accident investigation opened.

Authorities figured out the Michigan family members members as 42-year-old Issam Abbas and Rima Abbas, 38, and their children: a boy, Ali Abbas, 14, and girls Isabella Abbas, 13, and Giselle Abbas, 7. The City of Dearborn, Michigan, posted picture of the family members on Instagram, writing, "Please keep them, their families and also friends in her thoughts and prayers."

#DEARBORN (TCD) | TCD sends out its condolences come the Abbas family members on the tragic ns of Issam Abbas (42), Dr. Rima Abbas (38), and their 3 youngsters (Ali, 14, Isabelle, 13, and also Giselle, 7) as result of a fatal accident on I-75 in Lexington, Kentucky. Please save them, your families, and friends in her thoughts and also prayers. الجالية العربية في مدينة ديربورن تفجع بوفاة المحامي عصام عباس وعائلته اثر حادث ادى إلى مصرع العائلة على طريق ns 75 لدى عودته من رحلة كان يقضيها مع زوجته واولاده

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According to the Islamic facility of America the Dearborn, Michigan, funeral services for the family members are set for Tuesday at the center.

Local media report in Michigan that the death of the family members has devastated relatives and also friends.

Habib Abbas the Dearborn, who identified himself as a cousin the the father, told The Detroit News that once he an initial heard around the crash he didn"t think it and also went about his day.

"I believed it was a rumor or something and also then saw it again and also called her sister. She and also the family members are even an ext in denial," Abbas called the newspaper.

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He included that Issam Abbas to be a lawyer and also that Rima Abbas to be a doctor and specialized mother to your children. He said the expanded family to be close and also that his cousin led a "beautiful life."

"You don"t suppose a whole family to obtain wiped out," that said. "You think to you yourself "What"s the worst situation scenario?" and also that"s it."

It to be the 2nd crash in three days involving multiple deaths on interstate 75, a bustling north-south corridor crossing the nation"s midsection from south Florida to the U.S. Border with Canada. Close to Gainesville, Florida, one accident Thursday ~ above a fairly flat stretch of the interstate that started in between two tractor-trailers eliminated seven people, including five youngsters on a expedition to Walt Disney human being in a church valve from Louisiana. The truck drivers likewise were killed and at least eight others were injured.

Anyone with information around Sunday"s accident is urged to speak to (859) 258-3663.