UHP has established the victims killed in a massive pileup on I-15 Sunday as: 30-year-old Kortni Sawyer from St. George 6-year-old Riggins Sawyer from St. George 2-year-old Franki Sawyer native St. George 37-year-old race Sawyer native Lehi (Driver) 12-year-old Ryder Sawyer native Lehi 51-year-old Robert Lorenzon from Salt Lake City 47-year-old Maricela Lorenzon indigenous Salt Lake City 15-year-old Cameron Valentine indigenous Yuma, Arizona Article/GoFundMe campaigns: bit.ly/3i8ze85


WEST JORDAN, Utah — five members of one expanded Utah family, consisting of three children, were among eight eliminated in Sunday"s pileup accident top top I-15.

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Kortni Sawyer that St. George, together with her 2 children, boy Riggins and daughter Franki, died in the crash, follow to a GoFundMe page created by family and also friends. In addition, Kortni"s brother-in-law, gyeongju Sawyer from Lehi, and his 12-year-old son, Rider, were likewise killed. Race was steering the vehicle that all 5 were travel in once the accident occurred.

Richard and also Maricela Lorenzon the Salt Lake City were additionally killed in the crash. A GoFundMe that was set up because that the Lorenzons" family says the pair had four daughters, ages 7, 9, 21 and also 26.

The eighth victim was identified as 15-year-old Cameron Valentine of Yuma, Arizona. His mom was injured in the crash, according to a GoFundMe because that the family, and also the family"s vehicle and camping trailer to be a full loss.

Numerous crashes were spurred through a blinding dust storm that blew across the highway Sunday afternoon in Millard County, resulting in a chain reaction. Multiple people are supposedly in critical condition following the incidents.

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The GoFundMe because that the Sawyer household says Kortni to be a nurse, while 6-year-old Riggins "had recently graduated preschool, and loved basketball, superheroes, and also legos. Franki was 2-years-old, spunky, and known as "Daddy"s Princess," she brothers" shadow, and "Mom"s mini-me.""

Kortni is endured by she husband, Mason, and son, Blue.

The post included that Race, 37, was a "dedicated and loving husband and father, an tremendous athlete, loved to beat games and preferred Snickers because that breakfast and also burgers for dinner." driver was described as "his mothers greatest teacher, constantly found the great in everything, and also was humbly however fiercely vain in everything he did."

FOX 13 likewise spoke v Phil Gephardt, the owner the Factum blended Martial art & CrossFit in Sandy, whereby Race trained and fought out of for approximately six years.

“The two most crucial things to race was certain family and also just most likely making memories v that family," Gephardt said.

He said Race would treat MMA prefer others would certainly treat rec league basketball; he would take fights against any contender willing to fight him.

“He to be a sportsman, he to be a family members man, he was simply a great guy," he added.

Race and Rider room survived by Race"s wife, Keshia, and daughter and also sister, Faith, in addition to son and also brother, Ran.

"There is so much much more that deserve to be said about these remarkable people," the GoFundMe read.

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Nets ~ above Fire, a basketball facility in St. George whereby Mason Sawyer works, is additionally hosting a fundraising event ~ above Saturday.