A California family’s expedition to Mexico apparently turned right into tragedy as soon as the pair and their 3-year-old son were discovered dead in an Airbnb apartment — after ~ an obvious gas leak.

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Jose Nunez Jr., his wife, Maria, and also their boy Jayden, that were visiting relatives in Mexico, to be all discovered dead in the exact same room at the Airbnb, according to WSFA.

Trini Jacobo, the father’s aunt, said that other family members continuing to be at the Airbnb were unharmed.

“They’re tho in Mexico and they’re walk to be performing one autopsy and also definitely acquiring to the source of what caused their deaths. So we’re no sure about any specifics at this time,” Jacobo said KBAK.

“We’re not worried around anything else best now, we desire our love ones ago in the States. We want to know what taken place to them, the course, however … appropriate now, we’re concentrated on acquiring Jose, Maria and Jayden home,” she added.

Jose Nunez Jr. (top), his wife, Maria Nunez (bottom), and their 3-year-old boy Jayden to be visiting household in Mexico once they were found dead in an Airbnb.Gofundme

The couple left behind 4 other children, according to the reports.

“Just a really an excellent family. Both of lock are very family-oriented. Jose is most likely — honestly, not just due to the fact that he’s mine nephew — but he’s among the finest dads i know,” Jacobo said. “In love through his family. He’s always hugging them, constantly holding them.”

A GoFundMe account set up to raise money come cover the price of obtaining the 3 bodies earlier to the us for a appropriate burial.GoFundMe

A GoFundMe account set up to help raise money toward the expense of transportation and funerals has actually raised virtually $12,000.

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Police are still investigate the incident and also plan to do autopsies to figure out the reason of death. Gofundme

In a statement, Airbnb referred to as the occurrence a “horrific tragedy.”

“The think of our team space with the Nunez children and also the whole extended family as lock grieve the losses of Jose, Maria and Jayden. Safety and security is at the heart of everything we execute at Airbnb, and also we space conducting a an extensive investigation right into what happened,” it said.