No proof of violence was uncovered in the deaths in ~ a condo near the Caribbean coast town the Tulum, mexico officials said.

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Amy Marie sharp poses because that a selfie, v her son Sterling, daughter Adriana and also husband Kevin, in this photo uploaded to facebook on august 22, 2015.Reuters
LOS ANGELES — mexican authorities claimed there space no indications that violence in the deaths of four members of an Iowa family discovered in a condominium where they were vacationing close to the resort town of Tulum.

The mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C., and also the office of the attorney general for the state of Quintana Roo top top Mexico"s Caribbean coastline both called NBC News the no indications the a struggle or crime were discovered on the bodies or in the condominium where the Sharp household was staying.

"So far, no signs of violence have been found," claimed Paulina Chávez Alonzo, spokeswoman for the embassy. She readily available the mexican government"s "deepest condolences come the family and friends the the Sharps."

The office that the state attorney general was investigate the deaths. An main in the office said the bodies of the parental were discovered in bed while those the the children were discovered in front of a television. A police official in the Sharps" hometown that Creston, Iowa, stated the department was "not releasing any kind of information until we get autopsy reports back."


Iowa authorities established the dead together Kevin Sharp, 41, Amy Sharp, 38, and also their children, 12-year-old Sterling and 7-year-old Adrianna.

Ashli Peterson, who has been posting updates on the sharp family and also claimed to it is in a relative, posted on on facebook that she thought "there was no foul play."

She stated on facebook that the family left for Mexico on march 15 and was expected to return to St. Louis Lambert global Airport on Wednesday. Once they failed to arrive they to be reported absent to neighborhood police Thursday, she wrote.

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NBC News to be not instantly able to verify Peterson’s partnership to the family.

The job after the Sharps departed, the U.S. State room issued a take trip advisory urging american to "exercise boosted caution" as soon as traveling in the state that Quintana Roo, which also includes Cancun, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen. The department quote "targeted" homicides and "turf battles in between criminal groups."