Vacations in Michigan

The freshwater beaches of the Michigan coastline were produced fun and memory-making household vacations.

Each summer, generations top top generations flock to the exact same beaches along the shores that Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and also Lake exceptional that they’ve been visiting because they were kids - and delight in bringing their OWN children to frolic in the soft sand!

Michigan’s picture perfect holidays spots can be found throughout both the strength Peninsula and Upper Peninsula alike. With more than 3000 miles of coastline to explore, perfect family members vacations in Michigan are simple to plan.

If you’re looking to arrangement a Michigan family members getaway, or need vacation ideas, read ~ above to uncover FIVE amazing Michigan take trip destinations your youngsters will pleasure in.


Just finding out Michigan Beaches?

If you’re brand-new to Michigan, or simply seeking a new spot for a terrific vacation or getaway to share v your family, we’ve got some the the ideal destinations around the state to share v you.

The beaches detailed here all have actually the necessary amenities important to enjoy day in ~ the beach with your family, and some of castle offer much more. After all, anyone knows that happy children are the vital to good family vacation. We’ve additionally included a family-favorite Michigan holidays destination: Crystal hill - a quick distance indigenous Lake Michigan.

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Getaways in Michigan

Visiting Michigan with youngsters is easy: just include sand and also water and also you’ve got them entertained pretty lot all day. Detect a clues to keep the entirety family entertained is easy, too: with family-friendly communities to explore; mile of long walking trails to take in the stunning Michigan landscape and also family resorts in Michigan offering lots of funny activities, you’re certain to uncover the perfect spot come visit in Michigan.

We’re sharing five of our favourite spots for Michigan family members vacations, however be certain to discover the pages of ours website to find even more family take trip inspiration.


Silver coast County Park in St. Joseph, Michigan

St. Joseph’s silver- Beach ar Park was made for families, and families were produced Silver Beach.

Although the beautiful, large beach at silver- Beach ar Park is a giant playground itself, there are plenty of other attractions in this ar to entertain.

From the huge splash pad - and trust us, the IS huge - to the large playground structures and also beach volleyball court to the barrier-free walkways, every little thing needed because that a perfect day in ~ the coast is here. You’ll even find a youngsters hands-on museum within steps of the beach here. The Curious youngsters Museum and Discovery Zone is an interactive museum for youngsters ages 1-10 with a never-ending list of amusements to keep them interested.

One of the most important and also family-friendly functions of silver- Beach is the existence of Life Guards, and also the Flag device to warning of dangerous swimming conditions. This life-saving heroes store beach-goers for sure in Lake Michigan, i m sorry while beautiful, can also be unpredictable.


Playground areas, concessions and water sports rentals such as paddle plank kayaks are also available at silver Beach. In enhancement to the wide sand beach and long pier jutting out into the perfect blue Lake Michigan (a favorite beach-wedding spot), the world-famous silver- Beach Carousel and also Amusement Park Museum is a must-visit because that beach-goers of every ages.

Set ~ above the shores that Lake Michigan, St. Joseph, a quaint little Michigan coast town, has long been a favorite destination for beach-goers and also fun-seekers alike. Self-billed together the “Riviera the the Midwest,” St. Joseph’s shopping ar offers everything from ice cream-and-fudge shops to gourmet food fare and also much more.


St. Joseph Accommodations

There space a wide-range of lodging alternatives for visitors to the St. Joseph area, and a wide-range that rates. Chain hotels, elevation motels, Bed and also Breakfasts and also private head rental abound.

Click right here for much more information on areas to stay in St. Joseph, MI.

Discover more Family-Friendly Beaches in the St. Joseph area


Grand Haven City Beach and also Grand Haven State Park

Sandy beaches - check.Clean restroom infrastructure - check.Wide, sandy beach with plenty of amenities - check.

It’s official: grand Haven is a perfect clues for family members for a Michigan beach vacation. The reason is simple: vast swaths that soft sand coast sloping gently right into a sparkling blue Lake Michigan and also a liven beach town brimming with activity all year long. Not much from cool Rapids, MI, this west Michigan town is a summer vacation favorite through visitors from throughout the country. Here’s a couple of of favourite spots in grand Haven:

Grand Haven Boardwalk

As family-friendly beaches go, a boardwalk is a MUST, and also Grand Haven’s boardwalk is a important enjoyable spot for tourists of every ages. Stroll along the water and also let the children stop for ice-cream, hot dogs and beach trinkets while taking in fresh breezes turn off the lake.

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Grand Haven Pier and also Lighthouse

Both grand Haven City Beach and also Grand Haven State Park sit side-by-side along a broad swath the Lake Michigan coast in grand Haven in ~ the end of the grand Haven boardwalk. Walking the length of the pier is a popular activity for plenty of Grand Haven visitors, and it can gain quite overfilled in the warmth summer months, as travellers take in the scan Lake Michigan vistas.

Downtown cool Haven

The town of grand Haven is set out rather nicely: it’s just a short walk native the coast to the bustling downtown. Families will evaluate the numerous cute shops and fun eateries catering come a wide selection of customers. Ice cream cream and fudge shops, casual cafes and an ext upscale offerings line the streets, mixed among the boutiques offering everything from gourmet kitchenware to toys and beach Tee’s.