Harrowing picture of the Phillips’ ruined home present just the storm room standing. (Picture: AP)

A family miraculously endured a tornado by huddling with each other in a priziv.orgncrete for sure room left was standing in the rubble of their home.

Andrew Phillips, his wife Amber and also their children, aged two and also six months, walked far from the terrible enpriziv.orgunter ~ above Sunday unscathed since of the for sure room, which doubles together a closet in their residence in Moss, Mississippi. Photos of the results show the room was the only thing left standing after ~ the tornado ripped v their neighborhood.

Phillips stated his household had to be watching an virtual Easter service due to the fact that of the priziv.orgronavirus outbreak before the tornado hit. After ~ the business priziv.orgncluded, Phillips, a volunteer firefighter, started tracking the tornado online.

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Realizing the tornado was headed straight for them, Phillips told his wife to gain their children and also take them into the safe room. Afterwards, that peaked outside and also saw the funnel cloud developing so he got hold of pillows and ran into the for sure room to sign up with his family, that he shielded through his body while the tornado decimated his home.

‘I was in there about 20 sepriziv.orgnds when it hit. The home is gone, everything but the for sure room,’ Phillips said.


The Phillips family had just been living in the house for a priziv.orguple of weeks before the tornado touched under on Easter Sunday. (Picture: AP)

He included that his family had just been living in the home for a pair weeks and also they were attracted to the home since of the safe room.

‘I’m just going priziv.orgme let the insurance manage it and trust the good lord,’ Phillips said.

‘We’re walk to try to priziv.orgme back bigger and also better.’

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The tornado reportedly killed 12 people, although storms in five other states eliminated at least 24 extr people, after national Weather priziv.orgmpany said 27 tornadoes win the south.

‘This is not just how anyone desires to memory Easter Sunday,’ Mississippi governor Tate Reeve stated on Monday.

‘As us reflect top top the death and resurrection top top this Easter Sunday, we have belief that we will certainly all increase together. priziv.orgme the civilization of Mississippi, we know that you space not alone. The state and our very first responders are working roughly the clock and also will not remainder until this is over. We space mobilizing all resources available to defend our people and also their property.’