Lombard Street mountain Francisco is one of the many crooked streets in the city. This one block large zig zags downhill between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets and also includes eight tight turns. It"s top top the northern side the the city in the Russian Hill district.

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Why is Lombard Street for this reason famous? It"s renowned for two reasons.

The first reason is the its chop turns are unique and also not exactly how most roads are built. It provides for a fun experience for both those control or walking down it.

The 2nd reason this public street in mountain Francisco draws in millions annually is its beauty. The roadway is paved with red brick and surrounded by vivid plants and flowers. This mix makes for a picture-perfect minute for anyone visiting SF on vacation.

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History of Lombard Street san Francisco

How go it get this way? In the 1920s, plenty of residents top top the street to be interested in buying cars. The difficulty was lock couldn"t drive down such a steep hill (27% grade). Among the residents had actually the idea to decrease the class by developing turns in the road.

Cars coming under this steep zig zag street.

When it originally opened, cars might drive both means on the crooked road. This developed some challenges, therefore they eventually turned it right into a one way heading east, i m sorry is downhill.

Today, an ext than 2 million car drive down it yearly. In fact, the city also recently suggest charging people to drive down it during busy time of the day. However, this to be rejected and it"s still free to go or drive down Lombard Street san Francisco. 

This is a view from the height of Lombard in ~ Hyde Street

Did girlfriend Know? even though Lombard Street san Francisco is frequently referred to as the "Crookedest Street in the World," it isn"t. The isn"t also the crookedest street in san Francisco! that title go to vermont Street in SF"s Potrero Hill District. However, human being still flock come Lombard Street due to its beautiful brick roads and colorful gardens.

Lombard Street Visiting Tips

A visit to this mountain Francisco crooked street is quick. The just thing come do below is either walk or drive down this steep hill. However, it is easy to get to and is close to several various other San Francisco attractions.

A look back up the hill at cars slowly making their means down.

Both steering down and also walking give you a good sense the the tight turns on it. I"ve excellent both countless times and each one provides a really different experience. Control is good if you currently have a car, but I wouldn"t introduce renting one just for this drive. 

Most civilization arrive ~ above foot or by publicly transit. By just by watching cars drive under it, you will obtain a feeling for what the takes to make those chop turns! 

This is whereby you will uncover it in ~ the city. It"s close come both Fisherman"s Wharf and North Beach.


The best way to get in this crooked section of Lombard Street in san Francisco is to start at the peak of the hill. This enntrance gate is at Lombard and Hyde highways in the Russian Hill district. 


This is wherein cars enter to drive down and also where girlfriend can access the stair that cause the bottom of this SF attraction.

Tips for those Driving under Lombard Street mountain Francisco

Driving down this zig zag, windy road is an amazing experience. The rate limit is only 5 miles per hour and it"s challenging to go any kind of faster. When you enter this crooked section of the street, that will just take friend a pair of minute to obtain to the bottom.

You are not enabled to protect against or acquire out the your auto at the bottom if you drive down. This permits for the website traffic to proceed to circulation down the street.

Here are just a few things to recognize if you arrangement to drive under it.

How much does it expense to go under Lombard Street?
best now, it"s totally free to journey down.When is that open? It"s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together it"s currently a public street.How long will I have to wait in line? On weekends and also during the love of the day, you will certainly sometimes need to wait as much as 20 come 30 minute for your turn. Store in mind that you will certainly be sitting on a section of road this is virtually as steep as this one. This deserve to be daunting if you are driving a vehicle with a manual transmission. Through an automatic, you will also find that your car will roll backward simply a little as you make your way up this street. Make sure you room comfortable with your car and how it acts upon steep hills before you acquire in line. Also make sure you don"t get too close come the auto in former of you together they will certainly roll down toward you as well. It"s finest to keep your distance to continue to be safe!When is the ideal time come visit if I"m driving? The finest time is at an early stage in the mornings, late afternoon or at any time in the evening throughout the week. Where do I walk to gain in line? digital maps aren"t always a an excellent option to obtain you right here when you drive as you can"t revolve either ideal or left off Hyde Street ~ above Lombard Street. This is the situation even if there isn"t a heat of traffic. You will have to drive increase Lombard Street from valve Ness Street or indigenous Polk Street.

The map below shows you whereby the heat forms. The red line is wherein cars line approximately go down. It additionally shows girlfriend the two best entrances as most human being won"t let you reduced in line. 

Where the line creates for vehicle drivers on Lombard Street and where to go into to get in line.
This is native the bottom that the hill top top Leavenworth Street.

For those walking down the hill, there is a collection of stairs on both sides, so friend can conveniently make your method down top top foot. Ns love this alternative as it gives you more time to really check out this wonderful, crooked street.

You can stop and take pictures. Friend can likewise just stand earlier and clock the cars shot to do their way through the curves.

You additionally must stay on the sidewalk. You room not permitted to go onto the street itself as it"s also dangerous. 

If you arrangement to go down, the best time to come is beforehand to mid-morning. This is as soon as you won"t (usually) have as much foot traffic. It also faces east, therefore this is as soon as you will have actually the ideal sunlight ~ above it because that pictures.

When you acquire to the bottom, friend will acquire the classic picture you watch above. 

Make sure you don"t was standing in the street once you obtain to the bottom. There are civilization driving on these streets, for this reason make certain you stay aware of her surroundings. You would be surprised in ~ the variety of people that stand in the middle of the street and also not enable cars to pass through.

Lombard Street mountain Francisco is also free for those walking down the stairs.

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Tours of Lombard Street mountain Francisco

If you want to learn more about this well known attraction, over there are numerous tours offered that encompass a visit in your itinerary. Here are a couple of top options.

Hop ~ above Hop turn off Bus Tour

One of the finest ways to acquire from height attraction to peak attraction is the Hop top top Hop turn off Bus Tour. This tour includes stops all about the city. There is a stop right here at Lombard Street san Francisco and other peak attractions consisting of the gold Gate Bridge, gold Gate Park, and also Alamo Square.

These buses drop you off at 1599 Lombard St san Francisco. This avoid is around five blocks far from this attraction. The last 2 blocks before you reach Lombard and also Hyde room STEEP, for this reason make certain to take it you time. 

The 2-day is the most renowned Hop top top Hop Off tourism which contains 48 hrs of access to these buses. The tours run from 9am to 5pm daily with buses every 15 to 20 minutes. This offers you plenty of time to check out optimal stops and learn much more about them as you cruise roughly SF.

San Francisco urban Hike: Coit Tower, Lombard Street and also North Beach

If you desire to get your heart pumping, then examine out this metropolitan Hike. It starts in ~ Levi"s Plaza, bring away you to the peak of Coit Tower, under the hill to explore North Beach and also then increase the hill come the peak of Lombard Street mountain Francisco.

This 3-hour hike is strenuous and also best for those that love to climb steep steps and hills. As you hike, her knowledgeable guide will tell friend all about the hidden treasures around you and also these top attractions.

It"s accessible most job of the week.

San Francisco Love Tour

Sit back, relax, and also enjoy this bus tour of mountain Francisco. During this two-hour tour, you will learn all about SF"s history and our peak attractions. This small-group tourism is in a 70"s-era VW bus. 

This tour enables you to experience Lombard Street in this funky, van. You"ll obtain to take images as someone else drives!

Other locations you will check out on this tour encompass the golden Gate Bridge, the Haight-Ashbury, Union Square, Chinatown, and more! because it"s a smaller sized tour van, girlfriend will gain to drive along roads where larger tour buses space not allowed. 

How to acquire to Lombard Street mountain Francisco

Cable car from Union Square or Fisherman"s Wharf

A fun way to get over to the crooked, zig zag Lombard Street is by taking a cable car. The Powell/Hyde heat drops you in ~ the peak on Hyde Street. You have the right to then discover it and hop ago on come head come your next adventure. 

They don"t sell transfers, so friend will have to pay if you hop turn off here and also decide to hop ago on to do your method along the route.

More alternatives from Fisherman"s Wharf: The western side of Fisherman"s Wharf is just a couple of blocks from Lombard Street san Francisco. In addition to taking the cable car, friend can additionally walk.

Walk: If you decide to walk, your ideal option is to take either North suggest or Bay to Leavenworth. This it s okay you to the bottom of Lombard -- however it"s an less complicated walk than the steep hill top top Hyde native the bay. Once you arrive, you have the right to then take the procedures up Lombard to view the beautiful views at the top.

From Union Square: If you are remaining in Union Square, friend can likewise either take the cable car, a taxi/Uber/Lyft or the bus.

Bus: There space a couple of buses that acquire you in ~ a couple of block of Lombard. Your an initial option is the 30 Stockton. Take this v North coast to the Columbus and Lombard stop. You can additionally take the 45 Union bus. Acquire off at the Union and Leavenworth stop and walk increase Leavenworth to Lombard. Both will certainly take you about 20 come 25 minutes.

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Taxi/Uber/Lyft: you can additionally take a cab end to Lombard from Union Square. This takes around 10 minutes and will cost about $15 to $20. You deserve to then head under to phibìc Beach to choose up one more taxi for your return trip.

Things to see & Do near Lombard Street mountain Francisco