brand-new York City's famous Carnegie Deli Closed over Investigation into Tampering With natural Gas Lin

It’s the end of an era in new York City: Carnegie Deli is shutting its doors in ~ the end of this year.

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The restaurant — known for stuffing your sandwiches with virtually insurmountable piles the corned beef and pastrami — opened up in 1937, and also has due to the fact that established itself together a culinary college frequented through tourists and also old-school brand-new Yorkers alike.

Even if you’ve never ever been come N.Y.C., you’re likely familiar with the establishment. It’s known as a celebrity favorite, almost inventing the concept of lining the walls through signed portraits of well known visitors (their “Wall that Fame” actually spans throughout the restaurant.)

Over the years, it’s to be featured in miscellaneous television shows and movies, including Woody Allen’s Broadway Danny Rose. They also named a sandwich after Allen, and have excellent so for other celebrity guests like Paul Simon (“50 means to Love your Liver”) and also Tim Tebow. Many recently, Stephen Colbert brought Hillary Clinton there to teach her just how to effectively eat a brand-new York-style cheesecake.

Though the lengthy lines that hungry tourists and comically overstuffed sandwiches have actually perhaps dulled the deli’s sheen come today’s populace of new Yorkers, it has actually served together a rare surviving relic the the previous in a city that is obsessed with the new and whereby restaurant closings are consistently on the rise.

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But in spite of its cherished reputation, the deli has actually seen its same share of drama in recent years. In 2014, owner Marian Harper and also Sandy Levine (who were in the midst of a messy divorce) paid a amount of $2.65 million to workers that sued them for unfair labor practices, citing legal wage issues that covered over a decade. Then, in April 2015, Carnegie close up door its doors because that 10 months due to an examination over one illegal gas hook up.

Now, Harper is citing personal reasons for the institution’s closure. “At this phase of my life, the beforehand morning to so late night days have taken a toll, along with my sleepless nights and also grueling hours that come with operating a restaurant service in Manhattan,” she claimed in a statement. “I’m an extremely sad come close Carnegie Deli new York at 854 7th Avenue, but I’ve reached a time in mine life as soon as I have to take a action back.”

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