For numerous years, Indianapolis, Indiana has developed several well known people. Native actors and singers, to tv hosts and also writers, the following 10 people are among the many famous civilization from Indianapolis.

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Brendan Fraser, an accomplished actor, was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and is ideal known for playing the duty of rick O"Connell in The Mummy trilogy. Brendan is additionally a talented amateur photographer.

Kristina Wagner, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, is one actress who"s ideal known for play the function of Felicia Jones top top the soap opera "General Hospital." Kristina is the former wife that Jack Wagner.

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Indianapolis-born David Letterman is a previous television host, writer, producer and also comedian. As a previous late night talk show host, David Letterman hosted a linked 6,028 illustration of "Late Night v David Letterman" and also "Late show with David Letterman," which lead him to become America"s longest running late-night television host.

Janet Langhart was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and also is an award-winning television journalist and also author. Janet is married to wilhelm Cohen, the previous U.S. Secretary that Defense.

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Ryan Murphy, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a screenwriter, director and producer. He"s best known for creating and also producing a variety of hit tv series, including "Glee" and also "American horror Story."
Indianapolis-born Trista Sutter is best known together the an initial bachelorette ~ above the alphabet reality show "The Bachelorette." Trista was additionally a contestant ~ above "Fear Factor" and "Dancing with the Stars."
Marc Summers, a game show host, talk display host and television personality, is ideal known for hosting "Double Dare" - Nickelodeon"s most famous game show. Marc also hosted Food Network"s highly-rated television show "Unwrapped," and also he"s currently the executive producer that "Restaurant: Impossible."
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery to be born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She"s a previous MTV VJ and is right now the organize of "Kennedy" ~ above the Fox organization Network. During the 1990s, Lisa was the hold of MTV"s "Alternative Nation."
Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a record producer, song writer and R&B musician. Throughout his career, Babyface has won 11 Grammy Awards.
Indianapolis-born woman Pauley is an award-winning tv anchor and journalist. She"s ideal known for her lengthy tenure on 2 NBC shows: "The now Show" and "Dateline NBC."

Many celebs hail native the good state that Indiana. Can you think of any kind of other famous human being from Indianapolis?