Although the decision to paper bankruptcy should be closely decided, it is nothing to be ashamed about. It deserve to be the very first step towards your future gaue won success and also wiping the slate clean to offer you a new start. We’ve compiled a list of part famous world who have filed because that bankruptcy, and also it’s no a bad group of civilization to be connected with!

Abraham Lincoln – 16th president that the unites States- that twice filed for bankruptcyUlysses S. Give – 18th president of the united StatesThomas Jefferson – one of our starting fathers, author of the explanation of Independence, 3rd president the the unified StatesWilliam McKinley – 25th president of the united StatesDonald Trump- 45th president of the joined StatesDave Ramsey – self-professed “get the end of debt” guruWalt Disney – Founder that Disneyland, Disneyworld and Mickey mouse to surname a few!Rembrandt Haremenszoon van Rijn – dutch painterP.T. Barnum – the Barnum and also Bailey’s Circus filed for bankruptcy in 1871Mark two – American authorOscar Wilde – playwrightHenry man Heinz – manufacturer of well known Heinz ketchupMilton Hershey – founder that Hershey’s chocolateHenry Ford – automobile manufacturerJ.C. Penney – founder that the department store chainMickey Rooney – actorDebbie Reynolds – movie actress and also hotel/casino ownerJohnny Unitas – NFL hall of fame quarterbackDorothy Hamill – Olympic number skaterBjorn Borg – expert tennis playerJerry Lee Lewis – musicianBurt Reynolds – actor, filed because that bankruptcy after his divorce indigenous Loni AndersonSherman Hemsley – actor, George Jefferson of “The Jefferson’s” sitcomGary Busey – actorNicholas Cage – actor“Octomom” Nadya Suleman – much more infamous 보다 famousKim Basinger – actress, former wife of Alec BaldwinMC Hammer – entertainer, rapperWillie Nelson – nation music legendLarry King – talk present hostJoe Lewis – boxerWarren Sap – NFL soccer playerTerrell Owens – NFL football playerLeon Spinks – boxerStephen Baldwin – actorJose Conseco – MLB baseball playerJanice Dickinson, self proclaimed very first supermodelVince Neil – musician, lead singer of Motley CrueDonna D’Errico, former Baywatch actress and also ex-wife of Nikki Sixx of Motley CrueGeorge McGovern – former presidential candidateJohn Conally – Texas governor who was injured if riding with President man F. Kennedy at the moment of his assignationCurtis Jackson, aka Fifty Cent- rapper, actor, entertainerZsa Zsa Gabor- actressPerez Hilton- gossip columnist and reality TV starDavid Bowie- musicianMeatloaf- musicianDon Johnson- actorStephen Baldwin – actor, brothers of Alec Baldwin

This perform is only a little sample of the plenty of celebrities that have fallen onto hard times and filed bankruptcy to help. As you deserve to see, anyone can be impacted by your finances- also those who seem to have actually it all. The can take place to anyone, so don’t be tough on yourself once you are considering bankruptcy together an option. These celebrities were given a second (and periodically third) chance to get rid of their debt, to eliminate their stress and also to start over fresh.

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