Have you ever before noticed the Superman (Henry Cavill) and also Lois lane (Kate Bosworth) both have actually an eye problem called Heterochromia? Heterochromia iridium is a hereditary – and also sometimes acquired problem – in i beg your pardon a person has two different colored eyes. This exotic and also beautiful properties is extremely uncommon, with less than one percent the the world’s populace being affected. Heterochromia deserve to manifest in a variety of ways: complete heterochromia where both irises are a totally different color, partial heterochromia where an iris has actually a segment the is a different color, and main heterochromia where the inside ring differs in shade from the outer ring.

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Eyes have the strength to captivate and mesmerize, and also when paired v this distinctively distinct feature, a person can obtain lost staring right into those mismatched eyes. To celebrate this rare and also alluring attribute, Savoir Flair sought out celebrities you might or may not have actually known to be hypnotizing you with the colors of your eyes.

Perhaps the most famous celebrity with heterochromia, actress Kate Bosworth has one blue eye, and also one eye the is partly hazel. Unfortunately, many directors and casting agents have actually made her wear colored lenses while filming. However, go you notice that the Lois roadway figurines had actually two different color eyes after Bosworth depicted the comic publication character in Superman Returns?


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Demi Moore

This long-time actress and also renowned beauty, beauty has complete heterochromia. Look at closely and you will view that one of Demi Moore‘s eye is green and the other is hazel.

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Dominic Sherwood

It’s not simply the girls who space blessed with a beautiful stare. Dominic Sherwood, the up-and-coming star from Shadowhunters, is popular for his one blue eye, and also one half-blue/half-brown left eye.

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Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch‘s partial heterochromia is a little more an overwhelming to spot, but perhaps girlfriend did notification that he shows up to have green eyes one day, however blue eye the next. That is because the talented actor has both green and also blue segments in both the his eyes, making his eyes show up a different shade depending ~ above the light.

Photo: Courtesy the Getty Images
Henry Cavill

Apparently, Geralt that Rivia‘s strength stem native his dreamy eyes. With largely blue eyes but for a small brown segment in the upper edge of Henry Cavill’s left iris, his smolder is bring away to an additional level.

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