10 Dazed and Confused estimates That stand The check Of Time native McConaughey"s "alright," to the philosophies of a young Richard Linklater — these are several of the most enduring estimates from Dazed & Confused.

Dazed and also Confused image of Gang through cars
The film Dazed and Confused is a thoughtful adventure that"s kept its allure for practically 30 years with its ensemble of really American high school archetypes. Designed v writer-director Richard Linklater"s signature humane dialogue, and allegiance come relatable moments end textbook plot points, it"s complete of systematic quotes. Set amongst an afternoon browsing for great times, preventing authority, and also dreaming that the future — the film"s most popular lines echo with the stays of generation after ~ generation the viewers.

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The most popular lines native Linklater"s third feature film have shaped the picture of his illustrious career, and also those the singular performers like Matthew McConaughey and Parker Posey. With their cultural significance, existential wonder, and conversations in between characters that sound choose actual high schoolers — this Dazed and also Confused quotes continue to resonate as the human being changes around them.

complete Quote: "... Before one trip right into the jungle. Men! Fifty that you space leaving top top a mission. Twenty-five the ya ain"t comes back."

The grin on Mr. Payne"s confront when delivering this outrageous an answer to a request to let few of his college student leave early is therefore funny. It"s a timeless line, due to the fact that every young adolescent has actually a collection of early on experiences of asking an adult because that help, and also getting nothing but a shrug in return.

It"s part of growing, and Linklater captures it with one heat from a Vietnam vet finding some grim feeling in these boys" scramble come sidestep the town"s pains hazing rituals.

complete Quote: "... With every one of this American Bicentennial, fourth of July brouhaha — don"t forget what you"re celebrating, and that"s the reality that a bunch that slave-owning aristocratic white males didn"t want to pay your taxes."

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This parting note from the charming Ginny Stroud feels choose a small taste that what that may have actually been like to have Richard Linklater as a high college teacher. The observation is a nice contrast from the notorious pro-establishment reputation of college systems, and it grounds the story v the texture of teacher who combated in wars and also others who had the "most-bi*chin"" time at the "68 democratic National Convention.

Dazed & confused Quote - Darla
This quote caps off an unforgettable scene featuring the newly-senior girl hazing the incoming class with eggs, brutal interactions through onlooking guys, and also a variety of hilarious deliveries native Parker Posey"s Darla — the ringleader that the event. She is the undeniable star of the hazing medley, elevating a variety of her lines to a level that palpable hilarity few watchers will ever forget.

Darla"s montage functions her shouting, "Suffer!" over and over again, spraying high-arching ketchup across the body of fearful younger girls. In the end, she announces she"s tired of looking in ~ them all, and also then a arbitrarily look from some faceless subject sets turn off this absurd, unique, forever-hilarious retort.

7 "Say, Man. You obtained A Joint?" - David Wooderson

Dazed and also Confused - Wooderson
complete Quote: Mitch Kramer responds, "Uh, no, not on me, man." Wooderson smiles and also says back, "It"d it is in a lot cooler if you did."

It"s a line that"s reverberated through generations that high school stoners and die-hard Matthew McConaughey fans because its very first utterance. The basic silliness of Wooderson"s strategy to meeting this young kid served to it is in a an extremely effective setting to introduce the actor"s signature voice to the world.

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Wooderson self is together timeless together his plenty of iconic estimates throughout the movie. Everyone has some enlarge townies that stick around and hang v the high schoolers previous their day, just couple of are as influenced by it together this man.

This simple, three-word concern represents the stoner genius that Ron Slater, in enhancement to his countless memorable estimates throughout Dazed and Confused. Rory Cochrane"s take it on the most-baked personality of the ensemble is rife v true-to-form shiftiness, paranoia, and also unbridled love for the ganja. The heat is simple, awkward, feel real, and always conjures a laugh.

When that leans in come ask Mitch Kramer this question, he"s therefore earnest, and it stands out as among the most concise representations of the adolescent crest of the story.

5 "If We"re every Going To die Anyway, Shouldn"t We enjoy Ourselves Now?" - Cynthia Dunn

full Quote: "... You know, I"d like to quit thinking of the present, favor right now, as part minor, insignificant preamble to something else."

This is one of plenty of examples that a Richard Linklater quote that hides a deep, thoughtful lesson right into the straightforward wonder of an daily character. Anyone feels pulled far from the current moment, particularly children, whose stays are curated around the preparation for adulthood.

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The soul of this film is placing all that aside to gain the first day that summer, and also Dunn"s characterization is poignant and also honest enough to was standing out amongst Dazed and Confused"s many memorable lines.

This Wooderson gem has actually stood the check of time, and also it"s reverberated as one of Dazed and Confused"s most recurring lines, including in the close up door of Matthew McConaughey"s 2014 Oscar-Winning speech for ideal Actor in The Dallas Buyers Club. It"s simple, uplifting, and a nod come the jovial and also aimless heart of the movie and the characters it follows.

Wooderson"s signature three-"alrights" additionally introduce a scene at the local burger joint, whereby he renders the unexpected move of hitting top top frizzled red-head Cynthia Dunn. This gets her and also buddies Mike Newhouse and Tony Olsen in top top the Moontower Party and keeps everyone"s favorite personalities together for the scenes to come.

3 "I just Came below To carry out Two Things: Kick some A*s, and Drink some Beer..." - Clint Bruno

full Quote: "... Looks favor we"re virtually out the beer."

Another Dazed and Confused quote the nails the brutality of the high institution social endure with hilarious poetic license. Real-life high schoolers don"t always get a bully who have the right to express your bloodthirst with the eloquence and an option comedic time of a Richard Linklater script.

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Clint"s present stand out in Dazed and also Confused, because they"re fine written, and likewise because he"s an additional character everyone feels like they knew growing up. It perfect sums increase the stupidity and lack of rationale behind dudes fighting in ~ parties, and it come without any type of self-awareness indigenous the archetype of the male who usually throws the very first punch.

full Quote: "... And the cult was right into aliens, man."

This quote clues the start of a fantastic medley that conspiracies and also anecdotes native Ron Slater to some friends over a joint at the Moontower Party. The idea of George Washington being in a cult is quintessential high-school stoner history, which is what makes this among the an ext funny and also resonant lines native the story.

As he goes on come talk about how George Washington loved smoking weed and also how Martha Washington had a big, fat key waiting because that him when he came residence every work — viewers have the right to feel the silly skepticism that permeates these acquainted late-night chats in ~ a winding-down party.

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1 "You just Gotta store Livin" Man. L-I-V-I-N." - David Wooderson

movies featuring high institution football players usually include a climactic, inspirational speech. For this reason does Dazed and Confused, but in this case, the target of the speech concentrates on convincing the star quarterback not to worry around the game, quite than try to victory it. Speaking to Randy "Pink" Floyd"s angst over his unsigned contract come swear off drugs for the autumn season — Wooderson reminds him the he has to do what the wants.

Then, v poetic delivery, the wise-yet-creepy towny lays down a beautiful little bit of reality for the story to cave its cap on. That says, "And allow me tell friend this, the enlarge you do get, the much more rules they’re going to try to obtain you to follow. You simply gotta save livin’ man. L-I-V-I-N.”

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