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She auditioned when with a track that later ended up being one of she hits. Emma McIntyre/Getty pictures

The singer tried the end for the truth singing competition series twice, even once using her now-hit song, "Bubbly," come audition.

She fail to do it top top the present both times yet she later on returned together a mentor on the alphabet reboot in 2018.

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" wasn"t all set at all. I had actually such stage fright, and also I establish I had a lot of work to do with myself," she told contestants the her experience in the episode.

Although "Idol" didn"t work out because that her, Colbie Caillat has actually done simply fine on her own. She"s a two-time Grammy winner who has sold over six million albums worldwide.

Hillary Scott never made it past the show's preliminary rounds.


She later created Lady Antebellum. Tommaso Boddi/Getty images

The country star opened up up about her failure "Idol" auditions to Entertainment Weekly, saying, "I actually tried out for "American Idol" twice and didn"t gain past the an initial round, if that offers anyone hope."

She later created Lady Antebellum v bandmates Charles Kelley and also Dave Haywood. Due to the fact that its 2006 debut, the group has won 5 Grammys the end of 10 nominations.

Bebe Rexha tried the end for the show when she was 18.


She later was a mentor top top the show. Tommaso Boddi/Getty images

Like Caillat, Bebe Rexha returned to mentor young "Idol" optimistic several years after failing to make it top top the present herself. "Ten years back my mother and I waited 10 hours on heat to audition because that "American Idol,"" she wrote in a tweet in march 2018. "I didn"t do it through. This year I"m mentoring!"

The singer walk on to discover her very own success. She 2017 solitary featuring Florida Georgia Line, "Meant come Be," sold countless copies and went 4 times platinum. In June, Rexha also released she debut album, "Expectations," i beg your pardon has because been certified gold.

Maren Morris to be rejected from both "American Idol" and also "The Voice."


She's due to the fact that earned a Grammy nomination. Tommaso Boddi/Getty photos

Before making she breakthrough, Morris states she fail to do it ~ above both the the truth shows. "I think about all that the freaking talent mirrors I"ve tried the end for in my life and also I"m therefore glad ns didn"t make any of them," she called Rolling Stone. "It"s complete circlebecause i was rejected from "The Voice." i was rejected native "American Idol" — and also I"m happier because that it now."

Maren Morris has sincewon a Grammy and also been nominated five other times. She likewise found crossover success opened for Niall Horan top top tour and also collaborating v Zedd on their hit track, "The Middle."

Amber Riley didn't obtain on "Idol," yet she did make it on one more Fox hit.

She later on starred ~ above "Glee." Jesse Grant/Getty photos

During a 2009appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show," Amber Riley revealed that she auditioned because that "Idol" in ~ 17 years old. She said never ever made that in front of the judges.

"I acquired to the producers," she said of her audition experience. "I didn"t gain to fulfill anybody."

But that all worked out in the end. As Riley sharp out, she still finished up on the Fox network as soon as she was cast on "Glee."

The star has actually done an ext than just share she musical talents— she also won season 17 that "Dancing through the Stars."

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Kane Brown stated he was called too similar to one more "Idol" winner.

He's because released two albums. Getty/Jason Kempin

Having seen how well "Idol" resolved for longtime girlfriend Lauren Alaina, country singer Kane Brown made decision to take it his very own shot at the show. However his audition failed come land that a spot. Brown told Billboard, that recalled gift toldthe show"didn"t need another Scotty McCreery."

He later tried out for and also made the onto "The X Factor," however quit after producer attempted to placed him right into a boyband.

After obtaining attention native his YouTube covers, that signed v RCA Nashville in 2016 and has because released two albums.

Tori Kelly auditioned in ~ 16 years old, yet never made it to the optimal 24.

she manager is now Scooter Braun. Christopher Polk/Getty photos

Tori Kelly tried out for "Idol" throughout season nine and made it through only to acquire cut prior to the peak 24 round. But she didn"t let the deter she from the music industry altogether.

The singer continued to compose songs and also release music on her own, eventually recording the eye of renowned manager Scooter Braun, who likewise represents Justin Bieber and also Ariana Grande.

She signed through Capitol documents a few years after showing up on "American Idol" and she has since released two studio albums. She likewise lent her voice to the 2016 animated flick, "Sing."

Naya Rivera used the very same audition song for "Idol" and "Glee."

She sang "Emotion" by the bee Gees. Frederick M. Brown/Getty photos

The "Glee" star said she auditioned because that the display in mountain Francisco however told "The Talk" the she was reduced in the very first round.

Interestingly, the exact same song she sang at her "Idol" audition — "Emotion" by the punishment Gees — later helped her land she breakthrough role on "Glee."

She later on earned a Grammy nomination for a vocal performance on "Glee."

Mickey Guyton obtained cut prior to the live shows.

She's because released two EPs. Jason Merritt/Getty

The nation singer tried out for "Idol" in 2006 at the urging of an ex-boyfriend. She didn"t do it an extremely far, informing the mountain Diego Union-Tribune, "It wasn"t the finest experience for me."

She later moved to Nashville and joined the songwriting community, penning her own debut solitary "Better than You Left Me."

Since signing v Capitol Nashville in 2011, she has released two EPs and also earned a 2016 Academy of nation Music nomination for brand-new Female Vocalist the the Year.

Alex Kinsey walk on to success a various competition show with his former girlfriend after no making it on "Idol."

The pair later created Alex & Sierra. Valerie Macon/Getty

Alex Kinsey claimed he auditioned because that season 12 of "American Idol." He was voted v the first round however was got rid of from the show during Hollywood Week.

"Honestly, didn"t get enough experience to even take lot away indigenous it," Kinsey told the Chicago Tribune.

But the was far from the finish for him. Less than a year later, Kinsey and his then-girlfriend, Sierra Deaton contended as a duo on season three of "The X-Factor" and also won.

They go on to release a studio album and an EP together prior to announcing their break-up in 2017. Throughout a Reddit AMA, the pair additionally revealed they to be dropped from their document label.

Currently, Deaton and also Kinsey space pursuing solo careers.

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