We live in Seattle, where couple of homes have actually air conditioning, and also we’re locals, so we were totally freaking out.

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We wrapped his window in aluminum silver paper – our Midwestern next-door neighbors next door to be HOWLING – and, surprise! His room turned into a hot box. Us heard we should allude box fans outward, however that no cool the room either.

Here"s what finished up working for us. Currently on the sexty days, mine son’s room tops the end at 79 levels Fahrenheit ~ above a sweltering afternoon. (Still hot, however 18 degrees cooler 보다 before, there is no AC.)


Use them! A ceiling fan can reduce the heat in a room by around 4 levels Fahrenheit.

Ceiling fans need to rotate COUNTERCLOCKWISE in summer months. This will develop a wind cool effect. Pan speed should be collection to medium or high.

Turn the pan off as soon as you’re not in the room. That does little an excellent if you’re no there.

In 57 seconds, this guy defines it better than i do:

BOX pan – dealing with IN OR OUT?

TL;DR – If you have just one fan in a room, face it into your room.

I placed the box pan in mine son’s doorway, encountering out. A smarty-pants coworker swore by this method. Didn"t work. The room remained hot.

It turns out the driving warm air the end of the room doesn’t carry out much great if you’re no pulling in cool air. The box fan is no designed come suck in cooler wait – it"s supposed to blow air OUT.

Take the from this engineer, who posted this discuss Quora:

In my experience, pointing castle inward developed a noticeably cooler room ~ 10 minutes.

To press out warm air, your intake would need to be cold wait (directly native outside, not from other rooms), to add you have to seal vents and door gaps so the small amount of wait pressure developed by the box fan would certainly not it is in negated. Go v inward-pointing fans.

Kim Aaron, who has actually a phd in liquid dynamics native Caltech, additionally wrote in donate of package fan dealing with in:

If you sit in the breeze the the fan, you"ll benefit from the cooling effect as result of both evaporation that sweat and also the increased heat transfer coefficient as result of force waiting flowing past you.

We have since acquired a box fan with a timer. This enables us to store a irradiate breeze on our kiddo because that the an initial hour that his sleep – the pan then turns off as nighttime temperatures work out in. Although blazing hot during the day, night temps will certainly drop come the mid-60s this weekend.


My boy room deals with west, which way the afternoon sun bakes his room.

We bought black-out shades, additionally known as “thermal drapes.” A single shade cost $55, which feel steep, yet we i found it the difference instantly – about 15 levels cooler than v just continuous curtains.

Keep the shade down throughout the work – it"s harder come cool a room than to maintain its temperature.


King County health officials recommend keeping yourself cool by putting cold package on the groin and also under the eight – they to speak these room the best spots come target to assist lower your main point temperature.

On hot nights critical year, i rubbed a wet wash cloth on my son"s ears and the soles of his feet. I did this to myself when I lived in a stuffy Manhattan apartment ago in the day, and also it was sweet relief.

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