Early in the 4th quarter that the Eagles" week 11 victory over the Saints, a brand-new Philly cult legend to be born:

Mary Kate the Havertown. Or, Mare the Havertown. Or, the first Lady the Eagles Fans.

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Whatever us land on, we have the right to all agree that mar Kate Mink is the perfect depiction of Birds fans everywhere.

Mink recorded the attention of the Twitterverse top top Sunday as soon as the FOX cameras panned to her after a miserable roughing the passer contact on Javon Hargrave gave the Saints part extra aid as they looked to trim the Eagles" lead. New Orleans had momentum, points were looking less rosy than they walk in the very first half, and also the speak to was trash.

So Mink permit the refs hear it, and also went viral:

she 100% teaches ccdpic.twitter.com/dtEcakwfaB

— Jeff McDevitt (
JeffMcDev) November 22, 2021

There"s no audio, however it doesn"t take it a professional lip leader to number out what Mink so urgently essential to interact to the officiating crew. That was choose every Eagles fan in the Linc tapped right into a bigger consciousness and channeled your anger threw Mink. Everything around the clip is perfect, from her palms-up incredulousness, to the absolute fury in her confront as she shouts, to fixing her beanie immediately afterwards. 

It"s Oscar-worthy.

And after the game, Mink jumped ~ above 94WIP come talk about the hilarious clip and how she life summary turned upside under after it went viral.

You have the right to listen come the full interview here, however these are my personal highlights:

"Well, my mommy is mad at me. She inquiry me, "Well, why did you need to curse?" i said, "Mom, ns didn"t understand I was going to be on T.V.""

It"s so great that Mink"s mother is angry with her, also though something speak me this isn"t the very first time that exact string of words has come the end of her daughter"s mouth. Clock the ice cream again and look at just how effortless that was; that"s a seasoned swearer.

"I was through my 2 sons and also my husband, and also my boy taps me and says, "Mom, you"re going famous on Barstool sports Philly." i was like, "Why?" People around our section, i guess your phones are blowing up. Then i - I rotate my phone call off during the game, yet I turned mine phone on and also I had actually 86 message messages. "

So lot to love here, including just how strange it more than likely was for Mink come hear that she to be going viral, however the best component is absolutely that Mink transforms her phone call off during the game. The dedication! That"s a hardcore bird fan appropriate there. Most modern-day football fans room texting their friends, tossing a story top top the IG, check fantasy teams, placing bets - Sundays are a madhouse of entertainment. Not Mink. She"s locked in top top the Eagles. Fantastic.

"Philly it s okay a bad rap, and that"s horrible because we"re simply passionate. Ns was just having actually fun through my children at the game, and also my husband, and also we"re passionate. That"s how we are."


"I"m for this reason passionate about Delco. My parental live in Havertown, I have so countless memories the Delaware County, ns met my husband in Delaware County, I just - we"re passionate Eagles fans. "Silver Linings Playbook", that"s choose our family. We just love the Eagles. We love the Birds."

These price quotes were separate, yet they have actually the same core idea: Mink really just loves the Delaware Valley. She loves Philly and also Delco, she loves the Eagles, and also she loves her family. Because that such a silly sports moment, I thought it was really endearing and also sweet to hear she talk around the things she loved and defend them.

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Oh, and also a sneaky to mark was Mink sneaking in the reality that the bird are currently in the hunt. You obtained that right, mary Kate. It"s playoff push time.