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Photos and also videos of the storm"™s destruction continue to make headlines, consisting of the most recent among a "fanged creature" found on a Texas coast after the storm. Screenshot, Twitter
Hurricane Harvey carried havoc and also fury come Texas around two main ago, bring about widespread damage throughout the Houston area.

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Photos and also videos of the storm’s destruction continue to do headlines, consisting of the many recent among a “fanged creature” uncovered on a Texas coast after the storm, BBC reported.

And everyone is freaking out about it.

Texas residents Pretti Desai uncovered the decaying creature on a Texas City beach and also posted picture of it to social media, questioning Twitter customers to aid identify it.

Okay, biologic twitter, what the hell is this?? found on a coast in Texas City, TX. #wildlifeid

— Preeti Desai (

"It was totally unexpected, it"s not something that you"d commonly see ~ above a beach. I assumed it can be something from the deep sea that could have wash on to shore,” she called BBC.

Twitter went ablaze with theories.


— Dr. David Shiffman (

He likewise said it can be a garden eel, due to the fact that "all 3 of these varieties occur off Texas and have huge fang-like teeth,” the told BBC.

The animal is also known together a “tusky” eel.

Desai called BBC she happy she posted the image on Twitter since she knew experts would weigh in.

"I follow a lot of scientists and also researchers. There"s together a an excellent community of these folks that are very helpful, especially when it concerns answering questions about the people or identify animals and also plants," she said.

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