COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State football pan won’t have to wear a mask if watching action on the field at Ohio stadium this season, yet they"ll need to put one on once they head to the restroom.

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The university’s strong department outlined the mask policy and also health protocols for the upcoming season as part of an overall update on the video game day experience.

The plan states the guests will certainly not must wear a mask in outdoor publicly spaces. That consists of places prefer the seating bowl, entrance gates and concession stands. Masks will certainly be forced for all interior public spaces — the Huntington Club, elevators, very first aid rooms, restrooms, etc.

Ohio State announced in July the the Horseshoe will operate at complete capacity, much more than 103,000 fans, this fall.

Masks will certainly be obligated for several pregame festivities as well. That includes Skull Sessions (pregame pep rallies) at St. John Arena and events at the French ar House.

Fan Fest, located along the lawn in front of St. John Arena, will certainly return this season. They"ll market alcohol this year, OSU announced.

The mask requirements for video game days room an expansion of the updated university-wide plan released last week. OSU now requires masks at every its at home campuses and also medical facilities, regardless of a person"s inoculation status.

The school"s policy additionally requires unvaccinated individuals to stay a mask outdoors once they cannot preserve physical distancing requirements. Vaccinated people are not compelled to mask outdoors.

OSU motivated everyone to "get vaccinated as soon as possible."

Tuesday’s relax outlined other changes ahead that the 2021 season. The changes variety from new technologies to safety measures and also traffic impacts.

Like most significant sports and also entertainment sites, Ohio Stadium will certainly go together contactless as possible this season. That includes going cashless because that buying tickets, concessions and Buckeye merchandise.

To help streamline few of those solutions for fans, the university launched a brand-new Ohio State Buckeyes app. A user can manage their ticket, parking and concession ordering with the app. That will also feature things choose live audio the the game and stats.

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Other transforms include:

There will certainly be some road limitations this season for this reason the college advised pan to arrive earlyAll video game tickets will certainly be obtainable via cell phone devicesThe college plans come outline choices for pan without smartphones in ~ a later on dateAccess to parking lots will certainly be via mobile passes and public lots will be cashless operationEveryone will certainly pass through a metal detector ~ above entry come the stadiumThe "no bag" plan will proceed this seasonFans will scan their very own ticket right into the game at a cut down ticket scanner

For an ext information, you deserve to visit the Ohio State Buckeyes website.