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You haven't checked out the critical of the wizarding world. The third Fantastic Beasts and also Where To discover Them movie is undoubtedly happening, and also now has both an main title and also a release date.

Fantastic Beasts: The tricks of Dumbledore will now hit theatre on April 15, 2022. This is a bump up indigenous its previously scheduled release on July 15.

Like the previous two Fantastic Beasts movies that star Eddie Redmayne as creature-obsessed wizard Npriziv.orgt Scamander, The tricks of Dumbledore will certainly be directed by David Yates and based top top a screenplay by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. Yet this time, Mads Mikkelsen will take end the villainous duty of Gellert Grindelwald native Johnny Depp.



Both Rowling and Yates defended Depp's spreading in the past, however then in November it ended up being impossible to shrug off the residential abuse allegations against him by ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp, who denies the allegations, had tried come sue british npriziv.orgspaper The Sun for publishing them, yet a court sided with the npriziv.orgspaper, ruling that the cases of physics abuse were "substantially true." Warner Bros. Then asked Depp to resign from the role, which the did, and Mikkelsen was actors as his replacement.

"There has to be a bridge in between what Johnny did and also what I'm going come do," Mikkelsen told in December. "At the exact same time, I also have to do it my own."

Look out for the results next April, together Fantastic Beasts franchise comes back for ring three. In addition to Mikkelsen's take it on Grindelwald, this title seems to indicate fans should likpriziv.orgise expect to see more from Jude Law's Albus Dumbledore.

"Professor Albus Dumbledore knows the powerful Dark sorcerer’s Gellert Grindelwald is relocating to seize control of the wizarding world.  can not to prevent him alone, that entrusts Magizoologist Npriziv.orgt Scamander to lead an intrepid team that wizards, witches and also one brave Muggle baker ~ above a danger mission, whereby they encounter old and beasts and also clash with Grindelwald's farming legion the followers.  but with the stakes for this reason high, how long can Dumbledore continue to be on the sidelines?"

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