It’s to be a while because we’ve heard any kind of news about Epic Universe, global Orlando Resort’s greatly anticipated brand-new theme park. There has been speculation around a possible Fantastic Beasts area and rumors around potential attractions, however otherwise, details about the park have actually remained tightly under wraps.

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Now sources working ~ above the park’s development have confirmed to the there will undoubtedly be a Beasts-relatedarea in epos Universe.



While us still don’t know specifically what the area will certainly include, we’re excited to uncover out that there will be Wizarding human being involvement. So let’s traction together several of the present rumors to repeat ourselves the what might be possible in the Fantastic Beasts area of global Orlando Resort’s epos Universe.

A feasible 1920s Paris Theme


In might 2020, Orlando ParkStop gained access to planning permission records that to be submitted come Orange County, Florida.

Rumors argued by Orlando ParkStop in 2020 speculated the this area could be themed in line v 1920s Paris, as viewed in Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald. The details from the permit merged with epic Universe ide art also allowed fans come theorize that the bulk of this component of the park will be inside a big structure. From ride patents filed approximately the same time, Orlando ParkStop likewise proposed a couple of theories regarding what the attractions in a Fantastic Beasts-themed land can be.

The main attraction is speculated to it is in an interactive adventure in i m sorry riders travel through the roadways of Paris, help Newt round up his miracle creatures, potentially using the interaction wand technology. Besides a feasible theater show, which would be located in the center of the land, extr patents have suggested that a second ride could be a tower-based attraction. If 1920s Paris is the layout for this area, then it is possible that this second ride might focus top top the French to adjust of Magic.

Ministry that Magic Rumor


Outline the Wizarding world attractions in Universal’s epos Universe

However, it’s not only the French to adjust of Magic that is rumored to be featured in the Fantastic Beasts area of epos Universe. Follow to Orlando ParkStop, further permits imply that the brother Ministry the Magic will form part that an internal British half of the Fantastic Beasts area, with Paris streets and also the French ministry of Magic pour it until it is full the other exterior half. V Crimes that Grindelwald acquisition viewers within both countries’ seats of magical power, it would certainly be great for fans to visit this locations.

These aren’t the just Ministries to show up in the series. MACUSA make an appearance in Fantastic Beasts and Where to discover Them, and there is potential because that a German set of Magic in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: The keys of Dumbledore. This could raise the concern of whether this area would feel much more Crimes of Grindelwald-themed than Fantastic Beasts-themed. and also how would certainly this relate come the franchise together a whole when epic Universe opens to the public sometime in early on 2025, by which suggest Secrets that Dumbledore and also (hopefully!) Fantastic Beasts 4 will have been released?

Rumors the a VR flying Broomstick Ride


Design illustration for a feasible ride at global Orlando Resort

Once again, this rumor builds upon the possibility of the French ministry of Magic gift featured in the area. Using website plans, Orlando ParkStop speculated the the French Ministry would certainly be designed as a virtual reality experience wherein guests could pilot their really own paris broomstick. It would certainly entail a VR headset, a movement base, and multiple species of interactive controls to allow for a takeoff.

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Since this rumor surfaced, take care of Potter brand-new York has launched two VR experiences, consisting of “Wizards take it Flight,” i beg your pardon sees travellers jump on real brooms and also don a VR headset in stimulate to paris from London come Hogwarts. Might a comparable attraction it is in in the functions for epic Universe? and how can a broomstick flight tie right into the French to adjust of Magic?

After the pandemic delay construction, the new opening day for Universal’s Epic cosmos is meant to be sometime in early on 2025. Currently that we understand that Fantastic Beasts will certainly be featured in the brand-new park, us cannot wait to watch what the team at global Orlando will comes up with.

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