While i was digging about looking because that hotels with organization lounges ns ran across a hotel with fantasy suites. Interesting. Then I had to recognize is this common? How many Club Carlson hotels market this?

Radisson Valley create Offers 20 Fantasy Suites in King the PrussiaImmerse yourself in your wildest dreams by reserving one of the Radisson hotel’s exotic Fantasy Suites for your stay in King the Prussia. You’ll be transported come a human being of brand-new possibilities wherein your creative thinking can take it flight. Take trip to Paris, Egypt, a deserted tropical island, Cape May, England or collection sail ~ above the Titanic. These unique Fantasy Suites are situated on the optimal floor the the Radisson Hotel in sink Forge and also have no windows for the sake of privacy.

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Caesar’s Palace – an antique gold lattice door welcomes you to this bright, relaxed haven. Mirrors space beautifully set into walls of soft, hand-painted murals of rojo hills shaded in aqua. A statue that Caesar is proudly presented next to her luxurious, oval whirlpool.Cape May – Nestle into this delightful victorian fantasy together white wood, wrought iron and wicker chairs surround you. Hydrangeas and also vines rise up beautiful trellises bordering a big whirlpool.The Cave – Sneak into this prehistoric cavern featuring a leopard print, curvaceous couch, an imagine wood-burning fire, stalactites, primitive cavern art and also a king-sized round bed.Cleopatra’s Tent – Tan, gold and leopard skin prints, thin tents around the bed, winter frosted through Egyptian scenes and also bamboo wall surfaces filled through painted designs native the Pharaoh assist to create a thousands fantasies.Cottage in the Woods – get cozy in this classic, nation “bed and also breakfast” fantasy. A replica wood-burning stove, pine tree beams and a real screen door store you close to your brand-new home, far from the stresses of reality.Gilligan’s Island – This suite features crates of alcohol bottles, shell lamps and also fish nets that produce a canopy for her bamboo bed. Toucan parrots, dry flowers and remainders the trees the washed ashore decorate your island getaway.Hollywood – golden Gates lead you to a period in Hollywood history where you couldn’t rotate without seeing yellow and an ext gold. Include a tiny purple, pink and some an ext gold, and also you have actually the sizzle and also flash of Hollywood in that glory.King for a Night – The regal charm of funny old England finds its way into this suite. Victor antiques are collection majestically close to a deep, red whirlpool with wood beams overhead.Leather and Lace – find your method to this deep, dark dungeon as wood beams hang overhead and also iron bars accomplish on her left and also on your right.Love, Parisian Style – A country, Parisian, warm yellow suite detailed with flowered walls transports you to the French city the romance. A beautiful, blue sky and magnificent chandelier look down on this airy room, trimmed in antique gold crown molding.Nature’s Kingdom – Slither right into this jungle as trees and also green shrub keep you hidden. Decorated in desert neutrals, this is a intuitive safari for every one of your senses.Pharaoh’s Tomb – ancient Egypt was not this romantic. Blacks, golds and tans, faux rock walls, hieroglyphics and Egyptian figures surround you.Reflections – mirrors surround you above your bed and around her whirlpool. Standard touches accent this beautifully-appointed room. One elegant bed v a canopy is reflected throughout the numerous mirrors you’ll discover here.Russian ice cream Castle – This assimilated suite come alive. A sprinkling the crystal-like dust filling the wall surfaces of bright, white holiday lights, murals that blue castles and also poetry top top the walls: May Sweet desires Fall ~ above You as You remainder in Harmony.Star Gazer – Buckle down to take it the journey of a lifetime. As you plank this spaceship donned in black, silver and also metallic blue, you pass v a painting of our huge galaxy.Timbuktu – reap this Arabian fantasy. Hand-painted camels and maps heat the walls. An neck brass headboard, leopard prints, wicker, antiques and gold trims decorate this center Eastern suite.Titanic – among the stars of the hotel’s sea, this fantasy suite duplicates the stateroom from among the most renowned movies ever before made. Enter through a white cabin door bearing an really porthole. A steel, spiral staircase stands to her right, and rich wood frames this handsomely-appointed getaway.Venus – Cherubic angels and also hand-painted heavenly murals mirror the works of the famous Italian artist Botticelli. The suite the love consists of an ornately decorated bed and also round whirlpool.


(Titanic room photograph from tripadvisor)

After act some research study it does no seem that you can book these rooms ~ above points. And they seem to run around $300 a night. And as much as I can find this is the just Radisson to advertise fantasy suites.


The nation Inn and also Suites in Galena, Illinois offers specialty themed suites. Castle are about $170 and also much less themed than the above noted Radisson suites. They space not obtainable on clues either.

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The Celebration Suite features:

An L-shaped roomFour-poster bed through wrought iron accentsLiving area v an oversized love seat, a chair and also a flat-screen TVTwo-person shower with twin shower heads and also seating

The Julia give Suite features:

Grant artFour-poster king bedParlor-style, dark cherry furniture

The Victorian Suite features:

Four-poster king bedStained-glass lampsVictorian-style, dark cherry furniture

The Steamboat Suite features:

Dark cherry furnitureExecutive deskKing-size sleigh bedSteamboat art

The Garden Suite features:

Garden artKing bedWhite furniture with wicker accents

The Golf Suite features:

Golf artKing bed and a queen-size sofa bedMission-style furnitureTwo complete bathrooms


(This themed suite snapshot is from Orbitz.)


These to be the 2 I had the ability to hunt down for the club Carlson hotel group. Ns did view some other interesting offerings by various other chains. I just didn’t know these existed but they are obtainable if someone is in the market.