In this file photo indigenous 2012, a people War II re-enactor demonstrates an M2 flamethrower in ~ Tiscornia beach in St. Joseph, Mich. The internet is abuzz that some guy in Fargo, phibìc Dakota was arrested for making use of one come melt snow in his driveway, but the story appears to it is in a hoax.

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Sorry to rest it come you, net users, however despitewhat you've heard, some male in Fargo, phibìc Dakota, walk not obtain arrested for utilizing a flamethrower come melt snow.

It's wishful thinking, certainly, because that a an ar mucking v Winter Storm Marcus, Marvin, Marmaduke or every little thing moniker the Weather Channel is using for this latest eye storm.

And come paraphrase the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, when we are all entitled to our own dystopian fantasies during severe weather events, we space not entitled to our very own facts.

The first is that, although it might be tempting, genuine news stories have tendency to prevent using cap lock because that emphasis. Ns repeat: real news stories have tendency to frown upon utilizing CAPS LOCK for EMPHASIS.

Second, every reporter in the English speaking civilization knows the "bull<...>" is one word, not two as it appears in the 3rd paragraph.

Third, when this story is bounding every round the globe, there's no mention of it in the local media in Fargo. There's additionally nothing in the online occurrence log top top the Fargo Police website.

Oh, and also then there's the little thing around this exact same story, word for word, being released on website dating back two years. Yet not once has actually it to be picked increase by the associated Press, a regional newspaper, or various other reputable news organization.

None of this stopped civilization from share the story via Twitter, on facebook or various other social media. Because, as the heat goes from The male Who shot Liberty Valence," once the legend becomes fact, publish the legend.

For the Kennedy Inauguration in 1961, a freak snowstorm blanketed Washington DC, and soldiers with flamethrowers to be deployed follow me Pennsylvannia way the night before.

As far earlier as 1948, Boston mayor Michael Curley was troubled, as market Martin Walsh is now, by the lot of eye on Boston streets. The asked researcher at MIT if flamethrowers would certainly be a solution.

MIT famously reply the usage of flamethrowers to melt snow would certainly be "neither handy nor efficient."

Flamethrowers to be designed come be used on ranges of 20 yards. Melting snow from that distance would be a safety hazard, while any closer would develop "an overfill of vaporized fuel top top the snow resulting in negative combustion, a substantial amount of black smoke, and fairly low warmth per unit of fuel consumed."

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