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A farmer was shot in the back and eliminated while attackers damaged both eight of his wife and also shot his son during a farm assault in the east Cape.

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Glen and Vida Rafferty were discovered shot dead ~ above their farm yard in Normadien, near Newcastle back in august 2020

Police room investigating a situation of residence robbery after ~ a couple was struck by four men top top their farm yard in Hankey top top Thursday.

Police claimed on Tuesday no arrests, after ~ the body of five household members, consisting of a six-year-old girl, were found on a farm close to Harrismith.

The bodies of five household members, including a six-year-old girl, were discovered butchered ~ above Saturday at Toekoms farm near Harrismith in the complimentary State.

It’s among the most brutal farm yard murders ever recorded in southern Africa. And also residents of Harrismith, cost-free State have actually been left utterly shell-shocked.

The body of five family members, consisting of a six-year-old girl, were uncovered at Toekoms farm near Harrismith in the totally free State ~ above Saturday

Three suspects attacked a Mpumalanga farm and also held the family hostage. A pair of protection guards comment to the incident. Unfortunately, one of the guards to be fatally wounded. The farm yard owner was additionally shot. Police have launched a manhunt.

The Humansdorp regional Court sentenced a 32-year-old guy to a complete of 30 years imprisonment for a farm attack in St Francis bay this year.

A protection officer to be killed, and also a critically injured farmer was found with number of gunshot wounds after ~ farm attack in Brondal on Monday.

The Hawks have actually arrested 5 police officials and also two other guys on Wednesday morning for stock theft in the cost-free State.

A woman farmer recently offered a thief the beating of his life once he tried come grab her cellphone. The entire fight was caught on camera.

KZN police got the run on 5 suspects that were plot a farm strike by impersonating police policemans on Tuesday night.

KwaZulu-Natal police quit a 4 men and a mrs from attacking a farm yard after receiving a tip-off top top Tuesday.

Police space still searching for the suspect involved in the brutal attack and also murder that 34-year-old Darryl Richter, an eastern Cape farmer.

Police have actually not yet arrested the suspect affiliated in the brutal attack and also murder of 34-year-old Darryl Richter, an east Cape farmer.

A farmer in his thirties met a grisly finish overnight, despite regulating to kill two of his 3 attackers. SAPS will currently investigate this latest farm murder.

Farm murderer Thapelo Mokoena ran native the law for much more than 15 years however in the finish he couldn’t outsmart SAPS detective Nkosana Radebe.

Mckay to be confined to a wheelchair in one more farm attack two decades ago, and also the males accused of death him in April room in the dock today.

The recent farm killing victim was discovered with a knife in his hip once his body to be pulled native a canal top top a free State farm.

A potential farm assault was evaded when police swooped on a gang the was plotting to burgle a farm and also confiscated one unlicensed firearm

Two suspects were arrested ~ police uncovered the body of Themba Vilikazi ~ above Tuesday. The 54-year-old farmer has been missing since March.

Four of the civilization who were murdered were farm yard dwellers and also four were farmers or farm owners according come the SAPS crime statistics

Farm murder victims were brutally tortured: burned with irons, battered, kicked or consistently stabbed come death.

A 54-year-old male was shooting dead in ~ his house on Thursday. According to police the farm murder occurred in Kraaifontein, Cape Town. is all around South Africa and also the story that affect South Africans, where they are in the world.

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