The Old Farmer's Almanac has actually released the long-range 2019 winter forecast. Follow to the publication, the Atlantic Corridor an ar -- i m sorry includes new York City -- will suffer temperatures over normal, on average. (Courtesy of The Old Farmer's Almanac)



STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- As the nationwide Weather organization continues its warm advisory for the new York City area into Friday, it's tough to believe that winter's arrival is just a few months away.

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However, new York City might not suffer a gall cold winter this year, follow to The Old Farmer's Almanac long-range 2019 winter forecast.

According to the publication, the Atlantic Corridor region -- which includes new York City -- will experience temperatures over normal, top top average.

The coldest durations are suspect to be in early on to mid-December 2018, early and also late January, and also early February.

And over there is good news because that those who dread the white stuff, even though precipitation is predicted to be slightly over normal, the Almanac says there will be below-normal snowfall in the region. The Almanac is forecasting the the snowiest periods will occur in at an early stage December that this year, and also late January and also mid-February that 2019.

Last year, the Almanac predicted more snow than regular for our area.

A "bomb cyclone" hit brand-new York City in early January -- leaving snow totals between six and 10 inches across Staten Island. In early March, Winter Storm Quinn not only lugged snow through it, but "thundersnow" to be reported throughout the Island. And Winter Storm Toby swept throughout the borough top top the an initial day of spring, dumping in between seven and 14 customs of eye here.

The editor of The Old Farmer's Almanac deny using computer satellite tracking equipment, weather lore or groundhogs. The editors follow a specific collection of rules emerged in 1818.

The Almanac insurance claims to have actually an 80 percent accuracy rate.

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