Farrah Abraham has end up being a jack-of-all-trades since showing up on MTV"s 16 and Pregnant earlier in 2009, her an initial foray into reality television. The Iowa native talked about well through viewers, and producers at the network take it notice, inviting she to sign up with the actors of a new spin-off show. Teen Mom (known as Teen mommy OG since its 5th season) thrust Abraham into the windy eye and opened new doors for her. Unfortunately for the mother-of-one, the doors she picked didn"t really lead anywhere.

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While part praised it because that its honesty, Abraham"s debut album My Teenage Dream Ended was extensively derided as among the worst pop documents ever created when it to be released in 2012. The adhering to year she made her bow in the adult to chat industry, a decision that eventually came earlier to haunt her. She"s action in a couple of low-budget, non-pornographic feature films in the years since, however she"s tho better-known for her off-screen drama.

There"s no denying that Abraham has actually been handle a rough hand in life, but sympathy because that this fact TV star is in increasingly short supply recently — an especially among former colleagues. Many shady story have concerned light in current years, and we"ve rounded increase the really best that them.

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Abraham never made any type of effort come hide her true feelings once the Teen Mom cameras to be rolling, yet according to number of people connected with the production, that was nothing contrasted to how she behaved behind the scenes. When The Ashley launched an investigation into Abraham"s alleged on-set antics, plenty of crew members came forward and also painted a picture of a mrs on a power trip. According to one veteran Teen Moms OG staffer, Abraham wasn"t fear to throw her weight around and also would frequently "ban" world that rubbed her the dorn way ⁠— and also that was apparently really easily done.

"She legit banned one crew member from the collection because she can not pronounce his name," one more crew member revealed. "It"s so man that civilization thought we were making it up, but it 100 percent happened." The crew reportedly embraced a plan of no speaking to Abraham unless she speak to castle first, yet that didn"t prevent her from sending human being packing. Eventually, MTV ran out of employee to send. "It to be to a allude where there was usually no crew left come go out there," one insider confirmed. "People who she "banned" had to go but hide out in a vehicle outside."

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Abraham to be arrested following an altercation in ~ the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2018, and also she didn"t go quietly. The truth star, who appeared to it is in intoxicated, accused struck a defense guard after a row through some guests obtained heated. In footage obtained by TMZ, she have the right to be checked out yelling "Go f*** yourself" at officers, who booked she for resisting arrest. She regulated to prevent jail time through a plea cheap that included two years probation, 5 days of ar labor, and 12 hours of anger management.

This wasn"t the first time that Abraham shed it with the law. She was busted because that DUI earlier in 2013, and the policemans that pulled her over got a genuine earful. "They insisted ~ above the regular questions and also asked me to obtain out that the car," Farrah told In Touch. "I obtained out of the car, and also because i was upset, ns yelled." The C-lister asserted that she had only sipped a couple of drinks if she waited for her sister to complete up, yet a breathalyzer check revealed the she was almost dual the legal limit.

Abraham is also known come UK police, that cautioned her in 2015 after a spat on Celebrity huge Brother"s little bit On The Side. The Channel 5 aftershow was taken turn off the air beforehand when Abraham clashed with English TV personality Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. Abraham threw a glass versus a wall during the ruckus, injuring actress Vicki Michelle in the process.

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Abraham has been pretty open around her plastic surgeries (the previous Teen Mom star has had rhinoplasty, a chin implant, and also at the very least two breast augmentations), even the ones that have gone wrong. In January 2015, what should have been a simple filler procedure left her with enormous swelling on she lips. Abraham uploaded part photos the what she called her "botched, messed up lip augmentation" to Twitter, which led to numerous people transforming on the surgeon. The truth, however, is that it wasn"t the doctor"s error at all — the fact star had actually suffered an allergy reaction to the numbing agent.

A perfectly innocent professional had his reputation smeared by this shady tweet, which came earlier to bite Abraham on her cosmetically enhanced butt throughout an illustration on E! reality series, Botched. The then-24-year-old inquiry the show"s resides surgeons, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, to solve her lips once and also for all, but they refused to take her on as a patient because of the method she hung her previous medical professional out to dry. "It appears that the doctor did nothing wrong," Dr. Nassif claimed (via the Daily Mail). "He did all the ideal treatment. He visited the hospital to check out her, yet Farrah got on her social media, and boom. It to be horrible."

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Farrah caused a stir back in 2014 as soon as she told Radar Online that she would 100 percent support her daughter if she want to acquire plastic surgery, so long as she was old enough. "Like myself, ns waited until I to be 18," Farrah said. "If she would choose to carry out that, she"s her own adult." The truth star was rapid to add that both she and Sophia are perfectly happy with the means they look. "We an extremely much believe that we space pretty," she said. "We are secure people. Yet if there"s something the she can"t live with, then yes, go for it!"

Farrah"s parenting skills were called into question complying with her plastic surgical treatment comments, but she"s used to the by now. She"s been accused of exploiting she daughter on number of occasions, and also the haters have actually doubled under on her because she enabled Sophia to have her own Instagram account. Farrah and her daughter are also energetic on TikTok, and also they started 2020 with a brand new controversy — viewers were left horrified as soon as the boy started twerking in a video. "Someone take her kid," one comment said. "CPS wherein you at?"

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Farrah was called out for letting her daughter undertake a sporting activities bra for Instagram in 2019, though plainly she doesn"t see this as inappropriate attire (she wore one for she court appearance the vault year, after ~ all). One upset user claimed that that was "Tacky AF to short article a 10yo in a bra" and many others agreed, however when it concerns what is and also isn"t appropriate, Farrah"s filter appears to it is in broken.

She"s posed nude on more than one occasion, and also often shares sexy breaks of it s her wearing beside nothing — she also tagged her kid in a video clip where she danced approximately wearing a revealing bathtub robe. "This video wouldn"t it is in so poor for a single woman doing her thing... Till I i found it she tagged her daughter," one user commented, adding that it seemed "morally incorrect" to reveal Sophia to such things. She came under fire again in January 2020 after she posted a video of her scantily-clad me dancing around on a yacht while she daughter to be on board.

The general agreement in the comments sections is the a woman who routinely flaunts her curves and promotes sex playthings on her Instagram feed have to not have actually her daughter as a follower, and also people are apparently refusing to be party come it. According to The Blast, the former Teen Mom star has been losing followers top top a huge scale, shedding a chuck 80,000 in a single month.

Abraham post a tribute video clip to her YouTube channel top top September 11, 2019, as countless other content creators carry out on that day every year. There"s absolutely naught wrong v honoring the victim of the 9/11 terror attacks, however if you"re walking to carry out it, make certain you recognize the actual date. The former Teen Mom star to reduce a vast blunder ideal at the start of her vlog, referring to 9/11 as "7-Eleven" by mistake. "Okay, for this reason we want to do, due to the fact that it"s gonna it is in September 11, in honor of the flexibility Towers and observatory deck and also everything, the 7-Eleven, we room going to carry out this," she says into the camera.

Abraham fail to exactly herself, yet her error was easily picked increase on through viewers, numerous of whom uncovered her gaffe disrespectful. "Unfollowing best now," one former fan said over top top Instagram. "The truth that she claimed 7-Eleven is disgusting. She is using this horrible moment in history to try to gain much more fame and exploit her child even more. So shameful." Abraham apologized amid the backlash, and also somehow managed to make points worse.

The truth star told TMZ that she had a "blonde moment" and that she was "actually crushed" as soon as she establish what she"d done. "I don"t even know my name sometimes," she said. "I think mine heart remained in the right an are ... Sophia absolutely enjoyed 9/11." We"re assuming she meant to say the Sophia enjoyed the 9/11 Memorial.

Abraham frequently clashed through her Teen mommy OG producers prior to she was sacked. She shoved one producer and also called that a "dumb, twisted mother f*****" earlier in 2016, and also in 2018 footage of one explosive argument between the highly-strung star and also another producer emerged. Abraham was angry since the on-set teacher allegedly offered her daughter part candy. "You deserve to call and also get a different collection teacher, but this b**** is fired today," Abraham can be heard saying. The volatile mom shed through numerous producers during her time, few of whom were reportedly dismissed right out of the gate due to the fact that of their sexual orientation.

According come one Teen mother OG crew member, Abraham flat out refuse to work under a heterosexual male the end of fear that they wouldn"t be able to control themselves about her. "One producer obtained hired and didn"t also make it out there ," the staffer told The Ashley during the investigation right into Abraham"s bad behavior. "Farrah uncovered out that producer was a directly guy and also she said, "No, absolutely not." She called multiple people on collection that she didn"t choose working with directly male producers due to the fact that they would hit on her."

Abraham"s feud through Nicki Minaj began when the last watched a 2016 episode of Teen mom OG and couldn"t quite believe the method the truth star spoke to her mom. "Farrah is a c*** to she mother," the rapper said in a tweet that was preferred by end 21,000 people. Minaj provided that also Abraham"s daughter seemed to be tiring of she behavior. "She was favor b**** go do some erotic & leave gramma alone," the musician said. Together the top selling woman rapper of the last decade, Minaj is top top a whole various level as soon as it concerns fame. Unsurprisingly, Abraham used her beef with the A-lister come her complete advantage, make headlines with her harsh comeback — she said Minaj the she should concentrate on she "rapist brother" instead.

Minaj went quiet ~ that, however Abraham apparently wanted come milk their feud for every it was worth. Speaking to The the shade Room ~ above the MTV video Music Awards red carpet a couple of months later, Abraham called Minaj "shady" because that singling her out on Twitter the way she did. "I"m really disappointed in a mrs acting choose that," she stated (via Inquisitr). "My God, there"s simply been so numerous disappointments, not simply with me yet other publicly figures, various other artists, and it"s simply f***** shady to do that s***." later on that night she referred to as Minaj "really ignorant" during an interview with Hip Hollywood. "She yes, really looks poor lately."

According come James Deen, Abraham inquiry him to pretend to be her boyfriend after his authorized in her sex tape was revealed, but he refuse to beat ball. "They want to send us out ~ above a date and then speak to the tabloids to come," the adult film star called Today. "I told lock that ns am not a prostitute and also I"m no going to go on fake dates with people." walk Abraham learn her lesson? reportedly not, due to the fact that the adhering to year one more man came forward claiming he"d to be asked to stage a fake connection with her.

DJ Brian Dawe, that featured on the VH1 truth show Master the the Mix, told Radar Online that Abraham acquired his phone call number indigenous his agent. She supposedly told him the she needed a fake boyfriend so she could appear on the show Couples Therapy, and Dawe agreed. "Farrah and also I spent many time talking on the phone and communicating via text to come up v fake scenarios that would possibly reason difficulties in our fake relationship," the revealed. "All that it to be obviously false."

Dawe donate out when he started to feeling uncomfortable about lying top top TV, yet VH1 didn"t do it straightforward for him. "The network still wanted to develop a truth show based on this relationship, even though I had told castle it was a finish lie," the claimed. Abraham ended up walking on Couples Therapy alone.

Tensions between Abraham and MTV were at a high just before her leave from Teen mother OG. "There has to be respect for our crews and also for the producers," executive, management producer Morgan J. Freeman told Abraham during a heated discussion around her future. "The lot of occupational that goes into keeping friend happy has bubbled approximately a suggest where we have to number out if we relocate forward. The end of ripe moms, you"re the only one that is the problem." Freeman accused Abraham of lacking empathy for others, and also that goes way beyond losing her temper from time to time.

According to Teen mom OG crew members, it"s the little things the make working with Abraham a living nightmare. Several people have evidenced that the truth star refuse to permit the crew usage her bathroom as soon as they to be filming in her home, despite the reality that over there aren"t any kind of public persons nearby. "Farrah was really strict on the rule, there to be no budging her even for an emergency," one insider told The Ashley. MTV had actually to lug some Porta-Potties in, however Abraham supposedly didn"t choose the means they looked therefore she had them removed from her property. "The reality of the matter is that she regarded the crew that Teen Mom as civilization who were less than her, plain and also simple," one more staffer said.

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Abraham has teased a possible return to Teen mommy OG, but she has actually one huge stipulation — no newbies. Speak to Radar Online, the mom-of-one stated that she would consider making a sensational comeback if Cheyenne Floyd (who was brought in together Bristol Palin to fill the space left through Abraham) is fired indigenous the show. "Things should be my method or i don"t come back," claimed Abraham, who claims that she still has a an excellent relationship with the show"s producers in spite of her previous outbursts. "I don"t re-superstructure my periods with newbies. I"ll come back if it"s OG every the way."

The former cast member revealed that she has took pleasure in watching MTV shot (and fail, in her opinion) to change her. "Seeing exactly how they picture fulfilling my place has been really funny and also entertaining come me," Abraham said. "No one to know Cheyenne is ~ above the show, let"s be real." Floyd, that was never actually a teen mom (she gave birth to she daughter, Ryder, at period 24), just isn"t an ideal for the show, Abraham claims. "You"re duping what Teen Mom is around now," she added. "You make Teen Mom out to be a lie." She may have a point, but publicly calling for someone to be fired is quiet pretty suturing shady, even by Farrah Abraham standards.