Wearing her very own red one-piece, the "Charlie"s Angels" star posed for the now-famous picture in her Los Angeles backyard.

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For Farrah Fawcett, 1976 to be a huge year. As well as achieving breakout success ~ above the small screen as one of Charlie's Angels, that was the year her iconic swimsuit poster to be released. This pinup poster, which showcased Fawcett's healthy beauty and also sex appeal, would be prominently inserted on numerous bedroom and dorm room walls across the joined States and around the world. Discover in the special priziv.org: Farrah Fawcett Forever, it likewise became a defining feature the the 1970s and also is taken into consideration to it is in the best-selling poster of all time (a document that's unlikely to be damaged now the the internet's around). Here's a look at just how this renowned swimsuit photo concerned be, and also how involved Fawcett was in its creation.

Fawcett assumed the poster idea was 'cute'

In 1976, Ted Trikilis the poster manufacturing company Pro art Inc. Wasn't familiar with Fawcett. That readjusted when the kid of a neighbor suggested creating a poster special the starlet, together the men in his dorm liked her so much they were buying women's magazines because Fawcett was pictured in shampoo ads. Trikilis realized Fawcett can be an possibility for his company, and also Pro art soon got to out come her about appearing in a poster.

When she agent told her around the idea, Fawcett agreed to have actually her snapshot taken. She did this because she feel the poster idea to be "cute," but also because she believed it was far better to get involved with the process. Together she described in 1977, "The reason I decided to do a poster was, well, if you don't authorize a deal to carry out one, somebody does one anyway, and then you gain nothing."


Fawcett wore her very own one-piece swimsuit to cover a childhood scar

From the start, Fawcett exerted control over she photos. After ~ she'd to be disappointed by the occupational of two other photographers, she said to pro Arts that freelance photographer Bruce McBroom, v whom she'd operated before, obtain the assignment. Agree Arts wanted Fawcett come wear a bikini, however instead, she opted because that one-piece swimwear (this was what she usually wore, in component because she wanted to conceal a scar on she stomach the dated from childhood).

The photoshoot because that Fawcett's poster took location at her Los Angeles home — i beg your pardon she shared with then-husband Lee Majors, star the The 6 Million dissension Man — ~ above a warm summer job in 1976. There to be no stylists; Fawcett did her very own hair and also makeup. The various swimsuits she put on to be from she closet, not detailed by designers. And instead of adhering to the direction she'd been offered to develop "sexy" images, she decided, "I'll just do it the way I want."

Though Fawcett looked an excellent throughout the day, as the hours passed McBroom felt that hadn't yet taken the best photo. In 2009, he told Entertainment Weekly he'd then asked Fawcett, "You know how you look best. Is over there anything else the you’ve gained that we haven’t shot?" once she came back wearing a form-fitting red swimsuit, McBroom assumed it was perfect. He establish he had actually a ceiling from Mexico in his van that would certainly make an ideal backdrop. After ~ retrieving the blanket, that asked Fawcett to obtain comfortable and also began shooting through his last roll of color film.

The actress hand-picked the poster image

The transaction that Fawcett struck enabled her to pick the photos come be considered for the poster. After reviewing McBroom's shots, she had a favorite that she marked with a star. In this picture, a gleaming laugh flashed from she tanned face, i m sorry was surrounded by she tousled golden hair. Fawcett's red swimsuit wasn't overly revealing in she seated pose, however her nipples were clearly outlined through the red fabric of she swimwear.

Fawcett sent that image in addition to a couple of other photos the she liked, for this reason the team at pro Arts gained to decide which shot to use. However in the end, they complied with Fawcett's instincts. It to be a way choice: the poster was an instant hit when it walk on sale in 1976. By march 1977, 5 million copies had to be sold. Specialized fans the the poster were convinced they could see the word "sex" spelled out in the waves of Fawcett's hair.

The success of Charlie's Angels, the Fawcett-starring television collection that debuted in the loss of 1976, no doubt boosted the poster's sales. But Fawcett deserves plenty of credit transaction as well. As McBroom later said to Time magazine, "It to be Farrah's pose, Farrah's suit, Farrah's idea. She picked that shot."


Farah Fawcett Memorabilia, consisting of the red shower suit, poster, jigsaw puzzle, and also a "Charlie's Angels" script, deserve to be checked out at the Smithsonian national Museum of American history in Washington, D.C.

Photo: Leigh Vogel/FilmMagic

The swimsuit is on screen at the Smithsonian

Fawcett's well known swimsuit poster go on come sell more than 12 million copies, making that a boundary-breaking bestseller. She would certainly earn $400,000 in royalties from the poster, dwarfing the $5,000 she obtained per illustration of Charlie's Angels during her one season ~ above the show.

Though she would have other accomplishments, this swimsuit photograph was always a large part that Fawcett's story, simply as it was a big part the the story that the 1970s. In 2011, two years after she death, Fawcett's red swimsuit and also a copy of her iconic poster to be donated to the Smithsonian’s nationwide Museum the American history to sign up with its repertoire of culturally far-reaching objects.

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