The Six-Million dollar Man- Lee Majors shows on His famous Marriage come Farrah Fawcett: ‘It Was tough to acquire Around’

By SIMON PERRY , world Magazine,

For years it was the image that adorned the bedroom wall surfaces of millions of teens.

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Farrah Fawcett, her gold hair tumbling over her shoulders and onto her red swimsuit, to be at the height of her Charlie’s Angels fame, and also her proud TV star then-husband Lee Majors had actually a key role in that pop culture moment.

“I picked out the poster,” Majors tells world with a smile. The famous one? “The renowned one! i picked the end the picture. You more than likely don’t recognize why! that’s the greatest selling poster ever.”

Majors’ reflect (almost 10 years after Fawcett died the cancer) came as he traction up an additional image, mirroring him and Fawcett, on a July 1977 covering of PEOPLE, running towards the camera, highlighting the new craze of jogging.


Majors, now 80, and Fawcett were two of the leading stars the the age, heading increase the Six Million disagreement Man and Charlie’s Angels TV shows. He states they continued to be “in communication toward the end.”

He is talking together he takes on a brand-new role, mirroring the danger-man role of Six Million’s Steve Austin as Jeff in kids show, Thunderbirds room Go. The U.K. Collection is a re-working of the classic puppet-made display of the ‘70s and also ‘80s.


Thunderbirds space Go

“I’m the father who supposedly was shed in room years before. They review it and they think there’s tho a chance that he may be out there,” Majors explains. “They see signs of life and they do discover me and also they bring me back. It is a an excellent homecoming episode and it’s quite fun — rejoining the Tracey family members as the patriarch.”

“I felt ns was re-doing The six Million disagreement Man. Up in the cockpit, ‘I’m losing it, i’m going come crash!’” the adds. “I remember castle in the ’60s when they to be popular. Currently that they’ve re-booted, it appears to be quite famous again.”

When Majors and Fawcett to be at the elevation of their fame, “it was tough to get around. It was not quite as hard as the is today with everyone has a cellphone and the social media is therefore quick. Ago then us only had to deal with the paparazzi in ~ large. A the majority of time you can evade them, yet not all the time.”

Introduced by his publicist, he take it Fawcett for a coffee “so that started that. It was really quick, and it lasted around almost 12 years,” he says. “But there to be a year or so once I think I witnessed her two weeks in one year. The very daunting with careers favor that. This company is tough. Working 14 hours a day, both the you, and also the days went by.”

Married in 1973, they separated in 1979 and divorced in 1982. The is proud that the fact that his current wife, Faith, has actually been v him for more than 23 years. “It is a record in Hollywood,” Majors, 80, says with one more smile.

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After beginning out in westerns together actresses choose Barbara Stanwick and Linda Evans, he would certainly act as much of his action-man duties as possible. “I look earlier now and think i wish I’d used my stuntman a little more. Mine knees space a tiny wobbly and you feel your aches and pains,” he says. “Doing the stuntwork … make the day go faster and when you’re younger you feeling invincible anyway. Now I don’t understand why ns did it!”

“I find enjoyment in every role that ns do. An actor’s task is come work and also if girlfriend sit roughly waiting because that great, an excellent parts you will do it still be sit around. I just like to save working and also keep moving.”

He will certainly burst into Thunderbirds space Go toward the finish of the season. “It will end on a huge moment. If they walk for a fourth season, which i hope they do, then perhaps my component will have worked,” Majors jokes. “You’ll watch how good I to be if lock don’t get picked up!”

Thunderbirds are Go season 3B returns may 18 and will waiting Saturdays in ~ 8 a.m. Top top ITV & CITV.