Here"s your problem: You"re dice to go check out the latest Fast and Furious installment, F9, when it opens on June 25th, however you just don"t know what to journey to the theater. Well, friends and also neighbors, out of a fog the NOOOOSSSSSS comes the solution: Paul Walker"s orange 1994 Toyota Supra indigenous the very first F&F movie!

One of the original movie cars will be up because that sale in ~ Barrett-Jackson"s ras Vegas auction ensuing June 18-19, just prior to F9 arrives. For those who can"t mental 2001"s The Fast and the Furious, this to be the orange Supra that Brian O"Conner (Paul Walker"s character) collected from a wreck after his environment-friendly Eclipse (the one through the 17-speed hand-operated transmission) to be unceremoniously detonated. O"Conner later on uses the Supra to race Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), and when Toretto spectacularly roll his Charger, O"Conner offers him the keys to the Toyota—the ten-second automobile he owed Toretto—and the town hall him drive off, happen an finish to both the movie and also O"Conner"s law enforcement career.

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The automobile became among the many recognizable in the franchise, and also may well be somewhat responsible for the untouchable price that classic duration Supras today.

According come Barrett-Jackson, this auto was offered for "multiple interior and exterior shots"—though it"s remarkable that this automobile has a four-speed automatically transmission, though it certain looks favor a stick; offered the oval opening, our guess is the this is one automatic auto disguised come look prefer a stick. We perform see O"Conner shift gears—just once, mercifully—in the Supra-Charger race, but the blue shifter boots differs native the one in this car. The movie"s soundtrack appears to it is in from an automatically Supra.

After the first film, the Supra was modified to end up being Slap Jack"s vehicle in the second movie and was later restored to its original TFATF configuration: TRD hood, Bomex spoiler, APR "biplane" wing, Dazz Motorsport wheels, and Lamborghini orange repaint with trojan Lee-designed side graphics.

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Slushbox notwithstanding, this is a factory-turbo car with the 320-hp 3.0-liter 2JZ-GTE inline-six, so should you decision to choose on a couple of Hemi Chargers on your means to the theater, you most likely won"t awkward yourself. And also if the brand-new F9 movie"s terrible, you can acquire out that the theater parking lot of in a hurry. Though for the record, you deserve to do the specific same thing in the brand-new Supra.