Furious 7's initial Ending before Paul Walker's Death: how Much changed Furious 7"s ending readjusted after the death of Paul Walker. Here"s just how the original ending was different and what components of the story were kept.

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Furious 7 had to readjust its finishing after Paul Walker"s catastrophic death, but here"s how it originally ended and how lot was altered. The seventh rate in Universal"s Fast & Furious franchise hit theaters in 2015 and quickly ended up being the highest-grossing entrance in the series. The James Wan-directed action flick earned over $1.5 billion worldwide after receiving good reviews. Not only did viewers get the usual amount of large set pieces the Fast & Furious franchise is recognized for, however most were surprised v the emotional send-off offered to Paul Walker"s Brian O"Conner.

Near the end of production on Furious 7, tragedy struck the film as soon as Paul Walker died in a car crash on November 30, 2013. The destructive loss of the franchise star resulted in production shutting down for months together the cast and crew grieved. After ~ taking four months off from filming, Furious 7"s manufacturing resumed in in march of 2014 to finish the movie, but additionally with a plan in location to write Brian O"Conner the end of the franchise. Following the film"s climactic activity scenes, Brian was displayed playing v his family members on the beach and also drove off into the sunset.

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The new ending for Furious 7 was only made possible by reusing and editing part existing footage of Paul, when his brother Cody and also Caleb stand in because that him once necessary. However, Furious 7 was no envisioned to be the last appearance through Paul Walker. Details the the original ending and what it intended for Brian"s future through the franchise have because been revealed. Here"s what"s known around the alters made to Furious 7"s ending.

What occurred In Furious 7"s initial Ending

A few years after Furious 7 hit theaters, writer kris Morgan started to expose what the original finishing of the film looked like. The finale still revolved around Brian and also the rest of Dominic Toretto"s (Vin Diesel) team attempting to avoid God"s Eye, an advanced computer program capable of finding any type of person on the planet. But, instead of acknowledging the end of Brian"s time with the team, Furious 7 would"ve ended by setting up the team"s following mission together.

It is unclear exactly how Morgan"s initial script plan to execute this, but he has actually said that there to be an insinuation that one more mission was in the future. As soon as Furious 7 was in development, Diesel teased that it was the start of a brand-new trilogy the films. Through that in mind, the is likely that Furious 7 could"ve included set up for The Fate that the Furious" story by the end. Even if it is this finishing would"ve helped collection up Cipher (Charlize Theron) or a completely different story is not known. But, Morgan did refer to Dom"s team becoming more like outlaws, for this reason that might indicate a different arrangement was in the works because they have because continued come work very closely with Mr. No one (Kurt Russell) and his organization.

As much as Brian is involved though, his role wasn"t readjusted too drastically, except for as soon as it came to setting up his future. The original Furious 7 ending would"ve checked out him continue to contemplate his place in ~ the team. Brian wouldn"t completely leave lock behind in ~ the end of the movie in this version, yet he"d rather have different priorities. He knows through the finish of the film the his farming family with Mia (Jordana Brewster) is what is most important to him, therefore making sure he was constantly there for him would"ve to be a big part that how Furious 7"s ending would shape Brian"s future.

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The transforms made to Furious 7"s ending were correct in terms of what it expected for Brian"s arc in the franchise, yet the last version that the film verified to otherwise save the core elements of the finale intact. With Walker"s death and also the rewrites coming about half-way through production, the general scope that the film was currently in place. Universal and also Wan would"ve had to prolong filming even more to reshoot previously parts the the film. In the end, the ideal direction for Furious 7 to take to be to focus the fist of the changes on Brian"s function and let the majority of the ending play out as planned.

As a result, Furious 7"s 3rd act is focused on destroying God"s Eye. Dom"s team enlisted the assist of God"s Eye creator Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) come hack into the program and take that down. If Brian, Ramsey, and the various other usual members the Dom"s crew are focused on this part of the mission, Dom engages in a brawl with Deckard show (Jason Statham) and nearly dies as a parking garage collapses roughly him. But, Brian"s function in the finale wasn"t totally changed, as walker did film far-reaching scenes indigenous the 3rd act, including Dom"s possible death. For the scenes that pedestrian didn"t film, a mixture of body doubles, CGI, and also old clip were offered to finish Brian"s role.

The Fate the the Furious Poster
despite the various endings that Furious 7 could"ve had, both version of the movie helped set up the future of the Fast & Furious franchise. Later installments would surely be various if Paul walker was quiet alive, especially considering the details Morgan has outlined. Brian balancing conserving the people with his family life would certainly be a natural evolution of his arc and also tie perfectly into the franchise"s themes around family. Brian"s story might have ended with Furious 7, yet bigger storylines from the film have already been paid off in sequels and spinoffs.

The movie walk a kind job setting up The Fate of the Furious in hindsight, through the eighth installment of the collection building turn off of multiple elements of Furious 7"s story. God"s Eye once again dram a an important role in the collection as that is component of Cipher"s setup in The Fate of the Furious, which additionally sees Ramsey continue to be a member the the team. Another evolution for the franchise came with broadening the duty of Mr. Nobody"s organization, including the development of small Nobody (Scott Eastwood). The film additionally brought back Deckard Shaw and began a redemptive arc because that the crew"s last villain.

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Speaking that Deckard Shaw, Furious 7 also serves together the start of his connection to Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson). The 2 square off at an early stage in the film, leading to Hobbs suffering serious injuries and also recovering in a hospital for many of the 2 hours and also twenty-minute runtime. Hobbs was presented putting Deckard in a secure jail at the finish of the film too, which collection up their following encounter in The Fate the the Furious. This also helped collection up Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ~ the fact. Every in all, Furious 7 didn"t have the finishing it was initially scheduled come have, however the franchise has discovered a way to still relocate forward and also expand.