The quick & Furious franchise has captivated movie-going audiences because that years with quick cars and also death-defying stunts. In addition to the explosive chase sequences and racing that the movies offer, the films have produced personalities beloved by fans.

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One that the main personalities is Dominic "Dom" Toretto, play by Vin Diesel, who has appeared in 7 the the 9 movies. As these movies are focused on cars, Dom"s character isn"t finish without his vehicle.


What car Does Dom Drive?

When it came to creating a car for Dom, the filmmakers knew the a souped-up 1970 evade Charger R/T would be the perfect choice.The history of Dom"s Charger covers a an excellent deal of ground. Native its beginning story and the many times it"s been damaged to behind the scene"s adjustments that do the automobile ready for the large screen, Dom"s Charger has actually been through a lot.

The Car"s Origin

"The Fast and also the Furious," the an initial film in the franchise, presented Dom"s 1970 evade Charger R/T to audiences.In the movie, audiences learn that once Dom to be a child, he helped his father develop the Charger. With the car"s 900 horsepower, Dom"s father broke the document for the moment it bring away to walk a 1/4 mile, travel the street in only nine seconds.

Dom recounts that though his father was a capable driver, he died in a gyeongju accident. The death of Dom"s father pipeline him fear of steering the Charger, and also he refuses to gain behind the wheel transparent the film.To disclose character growth and show off the Charger ~ above the big screen, Dom ends up in a position where he has actually only one vehicle left to drive — the Charger.

After the shooting of a friend, Dom and also Brian O"Conner chase after the killers. In ~ the time, there space no various other cars because that Dom come drive other than the Charger. While encountering his fear behind the wheel, Dom sees the he can manage the car and also use it for good. He captures up to among the killers, Lance, and knocks him off his motorcycle and also down a hill.

Once both that the killers have been dealt with, Brian and Dom satisfy at a red light. Rather of gift terrified by the car, Dom now has actually the confidence to gyeongju it. As soon as the light turns green, they start drag racing. After lock both narrowly miss an oncoming train, Dom wins the race.

After the gyeongju ends, Dom crashes right into the finish of a semi-truck by accident, sending the vehicle into the air. Dom sustains only minor injuries, yet the Charger is totaled. Dom takes over Brian"s Supra, leaving the Charger top top the road and also ending the car"s story in the very first movie.

Constructing Dom"s Charger

The filmmakers developed three different Chargers for the first movie, along with a buck. In film, a buck is a partially built car that is attached to an additional working vehicle— it allows the actors to focus onsaying your lines rather of control the car. Every of the 3 Chargers had various purposes. One developed for stunts, one more for roll-over and the other, referred to as the Hero Charger, was developed for close-ups.

To create the Hero Charger audiences see on screen, the filmmakers want a 1970 dodge Charger R/T together the base. However, the filmmakers had an obstacle finding a 1970 evade Charger R/T and also had to change a 1969 Charger to look it like it was from 1970.Theyalsoimplemented Cragar 200-S wheels and also a fake BDS 8-71 Roots-style supercharger come really make a statement through the car"s look.

In the movie, the car"s specs encompass Hedman headers, Hotchkis suspension, on slide brakes, Wilwood discs, a Flowmaster exhaust, a an installed supercharger and also a Holley fuel pump. Dom"s Charger likewise featured Nitrous Oxide to give the car an extra boost of speed when it necessary it. The car"s usage of Rear-Wheel Drive and also Continental Sport call Tires provides the car superior handling and also grip while out on the road.

Common Questions about the Film"s Charger

To carry out some reference points because that what every these pieces of tools mean, we"ve developed a perform of the most commonly asked questions about the original The Fast and The Furious Charger:

How rapid Is Dom"s Charger?

According come the first movie, the Charger can go a quarter-mile in only nine seconds flat. This is an extremely fast speed, as it would mean the vehicle was going somewhere between 140 and also 150 miles every hour to make that street in together a brief amount the time.

In genuine life, only a few racers have actually ever damaged ten seconds. For example, among the most expensive and an effective cars in the world, The Bugatti Veyron super Sport, renders a quarter-mile in 9.7 seconds.

How lot Horsepower go Dom"s Charger Have?

The movie-version the the muscle car packsa chuck 900 horsepowerthat gives the car the ability to speed past other cars if on the road. The enhancement of a N.O.S. 250 HP key nitrous injection system provides the engine the ability to reach up to 1,100 speech whenever the N.O.S. Is activated.

What Engine remained in Dom"s Charger?

The vehicle featured two engines — one the audiences saw and also another that in reality powered the car.

The display Engine

In the shots of the Charger in Dom"s garage, audiences check out a hem racing engine mounted in the front of the vehicle. This super load engine to be a beast, rumored to have actually 900 horsepower and also a250 shooting nitrous. That power added to the plausibility that how rapid the Charger might really go.

Since the engine to be so powerful, the filmmakers didn"t actually usage it because that filming. A 1970 evade Charger outfitted with that sort of engine would be daunting to regulate on the road, which can be a difficulty for filming very coordinated driving shots.After gaining the shots of the engine an installed in the car, the filmmakersshipped the engine backto the supplier. Together such, the engine in the hero Charger isn"t actually a Hemi.

The real Engine

Since a 900 horsepower engine wouldn"t be handy for filming purposes and could be incredibly complicated to control, the hero Charger actually ran ~ above a huge block performance built 440 Magnum engine, i m sorry is quiet in the car today. The roll-over Charger ran on a 318 engine.

What Year Is Dom"s Charger in The Fast and The Furious

The dodge Charger R/T the Dom provides is largely considered to it is in from 1970. However, 1970 Chargers are daunting to find in good condition because of Hollywood"s love of using them for dangerous stunts. Come get approximately this difficulty, the filmmakers had actually to modify previously Dodge Charger models to do them look prefer they were from 1970.

For example, the hero automobile used for close-ups in "The Fast and also the Furious" was actually a evade Charger from 1969 the was customized come look choose it to be from 1970. The filmmakers walk a good job with the conversion, together the automobile took ~ above the illustration of a newer version perfectly.

What Is Dom"s Charger Worth?

Determining the worth of Dom"s Charger is daunting to say, especially because there have actually been so many versions that it. It"s most likely that the original Hero Charger indigenous the first movie is the many valuable, together its the most iconic and desirable for collectors. To offer you an idea of exactly how much the vehicle might offer for, consider that the initial 1968 Ford Mustang offered in the standard film, "Bullitt," newly sold for$3.74 million.


Since the 1970 Hero Charger provided in "The Fast and Furious" kicked off the mega-popular franchise, its worth is likely very high. It additionally helps that the hero version of the1970 evade Charger RT has been fine taken care of since filming wrappedand is still in the same condition as it was on screen.

While the hero auto isn"t for sale, if the were, collectors would likely expect to pay height dollar because that it.

What Is the Blower motor on Dom"s Charger native The Fast and The Furious

The blower motor is just one of the most memorable components of Dom"s Charger. Generally a blower motor help to circulate wait into and also outside of her car. The blower motor help to traction in wait from the outside and push it with the vents of her heating or A/C systems.

However, a super charge blower, choose the one top top Dom"s car, can assist you pack more fuel and also air right into a car"s cylinders, providing the car a rise in horsepower, beginning speed and also bottom-end performance.

The movie has the super load blower motor an installed inside the front carriage the Dom"s Charger, coming through the hood, for this reason the blower"s prominently shown for every to see.Like you can expect, the blower on the Charger is completely aesthetic in the movie and didn"t in reality offer any kind of extra abilities come the car.

How go Dom"s Charger readjust Over the Years?

Dom"s Charger has actually been heavily featured in "The Fast and also the Furious," "Fast & Furious," "Fast & Furious - rapid Five" and "Furious 7." v this quantity of use, the filmmakers ongoing to build the Charger"s lore, and, at times, added new features and upgrades come it.


Below girlfriend can uncover out an ext about the car"s evolution and story end the years:

"Fast & Furious"

Picking up wherein the critical movie ended, Letty Ortiz, Dom"s then-girlfriend, gets possession of the wrecked Charger, working on it to acquire it back to control condition. After ~ Dom return to Los Angeles, the finishes rebuilding the vehicle and also drives it to Mexico come take the end the film"s major villain, Arturo Braga. Regrettably for the vehicle, Dom needs to jump the end of it together the car barrels towards explosives. The Charger end up hitting the explosives and is destroyed again.

However, in ~ the finish of the film, audiences watch Brian steering the Charger in mint-condition. Despite "Fast & Furious" prolonged the lore the Dom"s Charger, that didn"t include any changes to it.

"Fast & Furious - rapid Five"

In "Fast & Furious - fast Five," the filmmakers decided to make a whole brand-new Charger fairly than depend on the one offered originally. One of the changesincluded relocating the supercharger lower. In the an initial two films the Charger was featured in, the supercharger went with the hood and also sat on height of it. In "Fast Five," the brand-new supercharger sat much lower in a hole in the hood.

Another main adjust came with the addition of large-diameter wheels and tires that provided the auto a more modern look. Among the six Chargers purchased for the film also featured a puffy 528-cubic-inch hem V8 engine.

During this iteration the the Charger"s story, the auto is offered by Brian to aid break Dom out of a prison bus. After escaping the bus, Dom takes manage of the automobile again and also drives it to Rio de Janeiro.

Off-screen, later on in the movie, Dom uses the Charger to success a Porsche 996 GT3 RS in a pink on slide race. Dom is critical seen as soon as Luke Hobbs smashes intothe Chargerwith one armored car. The film proceeds to show the auto as a powerful racing device that Dom has grown much more and an ext comfortable driving.

"Furious 7"

For "Furious 7," the filmmakers took a different path, placing 2 1970 evade Charger R/Ts in the movie. One of the cars was the original Charger that Dom has been utilizing throughout the series. The second Charger was heavily modified to be taken off-road.

To construct the "Off-Road" dodge Charger R/T, the manufacturing team chose to location a dodge Charger body over a Pro-2 chassis. This new chassis provided it the capacity to drive on turbulent terrain and navigate off-road environments. The film mirrors Tej Parker installing components from a army jeep onto the to improve its durability. With every one of these modifications, some have contrasted the Charger come vehicles uncovered in the original "Mad Max" movies.

The off-road Charger is offered in the movie to help rescue a hacker, Ramsey, native the antagonist that the film, Mose Jakande. The film reflects the Charger drop the end of a airplane and autumn to the ground through a parachute deployed. Dom also uses a grappling hook installed on it come rip the back wall surface of a bus off.

In a minute where Dom and also Ramsey are trapped by terrorists, Dom cd driver the automobile down a steep cliff in an attempt to acquire them the end of harm"s way. The automobile begins to roll down the cliff, which end up ruining it. Dom and also Ramsey, however, survive.

Back in Los Angeles, Dom supplies his original Charger in a game of chicken through Deckard Shaw. Castle both crash their cars together, but the Charger does significant damage come the front of Shaw"s vehicle. Dom"s Charger is damaged at the finish of the film when he vaults the vehicle off a parking garage, therefore he can obtain close sufficient to throw a grenade right into the villain"s helicopter. Though he succeeds in blowing up the helicopter, the Charger crashes and is destroyed.

For now, this is whereby Dom"s Charger"s background ends. However, the car is intended to reappear in the next fast & Furious movie.

Where Is the Charger indigenous The Fast and The Furious?

The Volo Auto Museum is proud to display the screen-used hero dodge Charger the Vin Diesel drove in"The Fast and the Furious." The various other Chargers from the film incorporate a stunt vehicle that has actually been revitalized and is own by a exclusive collector in Italy, the rolled over stunt car is in a museum in Indiana, and also the buck is owned by a private collector.


Who owns the Charger indigenous TheFast and also The Furious?

The Charger native "The Fast and also the Furious" shown at our museum is also owned by us. As for the various other chargers, they are maintained in private collections or other museums. If you"re a pan of Dom and also his Charger, come check out our1970 dodge Charger - "The Fast and also the Furious" exhibit.

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At the Volo Auto Museum, we have actually something because that every age.We additionally have a collection of other well known movie cars throughout ourTV & Movie exhibit.