When the first Fast and also Furious movie came out in 2001, it was barely more than a niche film that explored the unknown world of underground street racing. Soon, the movie gathered rather a cult following, which triggered the sequel, 2 rapid 2 Furious in 2003. ~ 2F2F, the popular of the franchise exploded. It ended up being one that the most popular collection of blockbusters and also offered its 9th installment, The Fate of the Furious, in 2017.

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However, the franchise take it a hard hit with the untimely exit of its key star, Paul Walker, a true car enthusiast and also talented actor. He tragically lost his life in a auto accident in 2013, but his legacy proceeds to live with his colleagues, friends, and also fans.

The franchise turned into a worldwide hit and readjusted the contemporary car culture forever. Some cars exploded in value, becoming more and more popular well past the street racing counterculture. A whole new breed that certified future vehicle classics to be born. Throughout the franchise’s progress, they’ve raced every little thing including Japanese tuners, classic American muscle cars, and also high-end european exotics. Transparent the Fast and Furious movie franchise, over there has always been a auto to lust about.

Car enthusiasts can uncover lots of Fast and also Furious car in virtually all price ranges, from simply a couple of thousand dollars to well right into the multimillion-dollar territory. This is particularly true for the cars from the latest Furious franchise movies.

Search through the at an early stage days that the franchise, and also you will find some that the most iconic dare in car history. They have left a large mark ~ above the audience, and the entire vehicle culture. Some cars top top this perform were actual movie dare the actors drove, while others were easy to replicate for the movie franchise. However, all of them are icons of the 21st-century auto cinema.

1. R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R


No list would certainly be finish without the many iconic auto from the series, Paul Walker’s Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. This notorious car originally sold only in Japan, Australia and new Zealand. In fact, it was famously banned in the U.S. Since it to be a RHD-only auto with an substantial tuning potential popular among the secret street gyeongju crowd. In its share form, the R34 GT-R had around 280 HP coming from the turbocharged 2.6L Inline-6RB26DETT engine.

The movie car, however, to be a 500-plus HP beast with a C-West body kit. The sported the top silver repaint with blue stripes throughout the car. Other mods included six-spoke three-piece HRE rims and also a C-West spoiler wing, which complemented the large body kit.

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In 2013, the really movie auto in the 2009 Fast & Furious movie emerged for sale in Germany. It to be in complete running condition featuring more than a couple of upgrades including 19″ Volk gyeongju RE30 wheels, upgraded brakes, a behind seat delete, custom HUD, a Sony audio system and a Nismo human body kit. The price was a cool $1.3 million.