This Toyota Supra to be a stunt car for the 2001 film The Fast and also the Furious.

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The automobile was revived after that was transformed for its function in the movies sequel 2 fast 2 Furious.It recently hammered for $500,000 in ~ the Barrett-Jackson vegas sale.

Ahead the the following Fast and also Furious installment, the franchise is taking the world by storm because that a non-film-related reason. This 1994 Toyota Supra should look acquainted to pan of the film, as it was one of the Toyota Supras supplied to movie the 2001 classic. The Supra additionally appeared in the film’s sequel, 2 fast 2 Furious. If it can have become famous top top the silver screen, the orange ’94 Toyota Supra came to be a blockbuster at the Barrett-Jackson ras Vegas sale, going because that $500,000.

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It must be provided that this is one of eight Supras offered in assorted capacities to film the movie, according to Craig Lieberman. Lieberman might know what he’s talking about, as his Supra was used as the hero vehicle for the film. This stunt Supra was built to emulate the hero car, and perform, well, stunts. As Lieberman explains, as much as stunt cars go, the car had it easy and also only performed some handbrake turns and also flying shots. Also though it was a stunt car, the late Paul walker did drive this an extremely Toyota ~ above screen.

As you’d imagine the car needed come be revitalized to its original The Fast and the Furious livery after ~ its repurposing for the film’s sequel. The restoration greatly brings the car ago to that is silver display days. The restoration must have actually been an excellent enough to help this A80 Supra hammer because that $500,000 at auction, or $550,000 if you encompass fees.

This should be good news because that folks that have actually the continuous appreciating fourth-generation Supra or for those with cars indigenous the film. Much more importantly, the shows exactly how much attention and affection surrounding the legendary film. We wouldn’t be surprised to check out the film’s hero car usurp this stunt machine’s hammer price if it to be to ever before head come auction.

You deserve to watch the automobile at the Barrett-Jackson auction in the video clip above.

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Did you ever think the the stunt cars native The Fast and the Furious would it is in this desirable? do you think these prices will go up? Or down? let us recognize in the comments below.

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