'American Chopper Live: The Revenge' Build-Off Winner Revealed - did the finest Bike Win? after ~ a heavily censored evening filled with threats of fist fights, the winner that the "American Chopper Live: The Revenge" build-off has actually been revealed. Did the appropriate team win?

American Chopper Revenge - Winner
after ~ a greatly censored evening, the American Chopper Live: The Revenge build-off winner has finally been revealed. Mirroring the outcomes our very own poll, Paul Jr. Designs once again come out together the victor. Walk the ideal bike win?

Now that every one of the festivities room over with, fans can wonder how senior and Junior were the calmest human being on stage. Many thanks to a feud in between fellow Texans, Jesse James and Fast N" Loud, a an excellent portion of the present went there is no sound, virtually leading to a physics altercation in between James and also the "rich" quick N" loud guy.

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But also though fast N" according to were newcomers come the build-off, lock still regulated to take home second place v their text publication build of an old-school bike. What"s amazing is why the remainder of the placements weren"t revealed.

After announcing team rapid N" according to the second place winner, then Paul Jr. Design the winner, the remainder of the outcomes weren"t announced. Follow to our poll, these room the complete rankings:

1 - Team small (58%)2 – Team quick N" loud (20%)3 – Team Jesse (13%)4 – Team senior (9%)

Although the main votes were more than what our poll received, statistically the percentages need to be quite similar, if no identical. After all, the poll results did pick fast N" Loud together the second place winner.

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American Chopper Revenge Winner 2
What"s many surprising about the results of the poll – and perhaps the reason the rest of the placements weren"t announced – was the Senior"s bike come in last place. ~ deciding to develop an actual cycle this year, OCC in reality presented a pretty looking perfect product. Did it deserve fourth place? more than likely not – though it"s likely that the exact same fan favoritism that aided Junior win also caused an elderly to acquire last place.

At the finish of the day, it was up to you, the fans, to choose the finest bike builder. After all is said and done, carry out you think the finest bike won? 

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American Chopper airs Mondays

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