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Tuner cars identified the "Fast and Furious" franchise at an early stage on, however muscle cars have actually been featured transparent the collection as well. 2 of the many notable examples are the 1969 Yenko Chevrolet Camaro and 1970 evade Challenger indigenous "2 fast 2 Furious," which obtain the spotlight in this video from Craig Lieberman, who offered as a technological advisor because that the movie.

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As a refresher, in the movie the Camaro and also Challenger were winner by main personalities Brian O"Conner (Paul Walker) and Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson), so they might ditch your tracker-equipped Mitsubishi Lancer development VII and also Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, respectively. Neither muscle auto survives the story, yet the Camaro at least goes the end in a blaze the glory through jumping top top a boat.

Original Yenko Camaros and also Hemi Challengers are rare and also valuable, therefore it"s necessary to note that the production team didn"t use pristine examples. Producers obtained nine Camaros and six Challengers, but they were currently in negative shape. Some were bare shells, Lieberman noted.


1970 dodge Challenger native

The Challenger gained much less screen time than the Camaro. In ~ one allude Pearce it s okay rid that a bad guy making use of an ejector seat, but that was mostly done using CGI, Lieberman said.

The Camaro, top top the various other hand, was offered for the watercraft jump that served as the film"s climax. A car was stripped down to a bare shell and filled with broadening foam. It was pulled turn off a ramp using a tow cable to gain the jump shot, landing ~ above water fairly than a boat. That part was filmed separately and was combined with the very first shot to acquire the full jump.

One the the stunt Camaros was kept by the agency Year One, which provided reproduction components for the film, and was later fully restored. Several of the various other Camaros and also Challengers space still approximately as well, Lieberman said, although the doesn"t have specific details.

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