1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec

Purchased from MotoRex, this vehicle is among only 11 true, federally Legal R-34 GT-Rs in America. Owned by Craig personally, the vehicle was modified soon after it was purchased. That was given a complete makeover and painted blue. When Universal request him to reprise his function as technical Advisor because that 2 fast 2 Furious, this car was one that was placed forward because that consideration. Global agreed, and promptly rented the automobile for usage by Paul Walker. Global painted it silver and added blue stripes, completely an altering the look. As soon as Craig gained the car back from Universal, he revitalized it ago to the blue shade that he preferred.

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Nitrous express 150hp direct port system, practice designed with 3 10lb carbon fiber nitrous bottles and also remote electrical openers

C-West human body kit (fiberglass)C-West complete carbon behind wingC-West carbon fiber canards (added after the movie)Trunk had mock race-style fuel-filler harbor by Atuki in JapanCustom candy blue paint by Quigley’s in Lake Forest, CaliforniaNote: Silver shade as watched in the movie was house of Kolor “Platinum Pearl”

Viper blue suede and new black leather upholsteryCustom make A-Pillar gauge mount podCustom do passenger dash 3-gauge holderApexi strength FC – FC Commander component Number – 415-A030– rise Control Kit component Number – 415-A001HKS “Indiglo” gauges (boost, EGT, oil pressure, oil temperature water temp, etc.)Sparco Milano seats, practice matching towel w/harness holes by StitchcraftSparco harnessesSparco steering wheelG-Tech pro AccelerometerMFS Custom developed roll cage (not provided in the movie)

Clarion VRX925VD in-dash TV/CD Changer controller, far controlledClarion VMA7191 6” large screen second TV monitor in passenger airbagClarion VMA7191 6” broad scren third TV monitor in trunk areaClarion DSP9300 Digital Sound Processor, parametric EQ/Surround soundClarion CDC 655rz CD ChangerClarion TTZ7501z TV TunerThree sets of Infinity Kappa 6.1 separates (mids, tweeters)2 JBL 1200.1 amps, 1200 watts each2 JBL P80.4 amps, 320 watt each2 JBL W12GTi 12” woofers2 Myron Davis bumper camerasCustom fabricated reduced door panels to residence the seperatesCustom fabbed trunk for the woofers, amps and also TVSystem design: Craig LiebermanSystem installation: West shore Customs

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420-450 Horsepower without nitrous0-60 in 4.2 secs (on 19 customs street tires)0-100 in 9.0 secs (on 19 inch street tires)¼ mile in 12.0 seconds at 122 mphTop speed = 165 mphSkidpad =.90 g’sSlalom time = 61 mphCurb load = 3,845 lbs.

Craig offered as technological Advisor and also in plenty of other functions for Universal images on the very first three movies. He additionally personally owned the Supra, Skyline GTR and the Maxima offered in the very first two movies.