We really space spoiled, aren"t we? if folks life in some various other cities have to settle for less-than-decent rapid food, we"ve gained the alternative to visit drive-thrus that room both speedy and also delicious. Indeed, Austin is chock complete of areas you deserve to roll through and also afterward feel prefer you ate at an honest-to-goodness brick and also mortar restaurant. See our favourite Drive-Thru restaurants below.



Photo Credit: i get it HoSandy"s Hamburgers

603 Barton Springs Rd

Going to Sandy"s Hamburgers is favor taking a time maker back to 1963, from the old institution neon sign that proud advertises frozen custard and root beer come the menu that supplies corn dogs, hamburgers, french fries, and also milkshakes. Even the prices feeling comparatively cheap come other quick food joints.The only thing missing to complete the photo would it is in a bunch of teenagers hanging out in muscle dare listening to the radio hits of yesteryear. Sandy"s Hamburgers is one Austin gem, and we hope to view it approximately for many years come come.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Fresa"s FacebookFresa"s

915 N. Lamar Blvd

Fresa"s inclusion here was a no-brainer. This phibìc Lamar drive-thru is primarily recognized for their mouth-watering Mexican-style Chicken Al Carbon. It also has the benefit of feeding numerous hungry people. While your chicken is no doubt exceptional, it"s Fresa"s side items that really seal the deal. Mexican Street Corn, Grilled Beets, and Grilled Cauliflower do Fresa"s an suffer worth both driving to and thru.



Flyrite Chicken

6539 Burnet Rd

2129 E 7th St

Chick-fil-A cases they designed the chicken sandwich, however we"ll it is in damned if Flyrite Chicken didn"t perfect it. Or come close, at the really least. We"re hard-pressed to think of everywhere else in Austin offer up a chicken sandwich that"s as consistently tasty and also quickly offered as in ~ Flyrite. Plus, you deserve to pick increase a growler or six-pack of beer to-go while you"re there. Us don"t intend to watch Chick-fil-A giving that whenever soon. Examine out picture from ours visit come Flyrite"sBurnet location.



Photo Credit: JuiceLand


6705 U.S. 290

9901 Brodie Lane

4526 West gate Boulevard A

You didn"t think every the food ~ above this totality page to be going to it is in greasy, walk you? Everyone should treat their body come something healthy and balanced now and again, and in this case, JuiceLand is simply what the medical professional ordered. In addition to the type of energizing smoothies and juices for which they room well-known, JuiceLand"s Brodie, West Gate, and Oak Hill locations have drive-thrus that offer scrumptious options like the Frijole Roller Burrito, Spring role Bowl, and Falafel Wrap.



Photo Credit: hatcreekburgers.com

Hat Creek burgess Company

5400 Burnet Road

5902 Bee cave Rd

You can"t have actually a perform of quick food and also not include someplace the serves cheeseburgers. To that exact same point, friend can"t have actually a list of rapid food in Austin and not cite Hat Creek citizens Company. This drive-thru eatery specializesin straightforward, nothin"-too-complicated cheeseburgers. The many out-there topping you"ll uncover on their food selection is spicy sauerkraut, i beg your pardon is constantly worth getting.They"re likewise open in the at an early stage hours of the day for breakfast, make Hat Creek suitable spot to protect against on your means to work.



Photo Credit: torchystacos.com

Torchy"s Tacos

4211 Spicewood Springs Rd.

Considering your beloved condition reputation in town, we more than likely don"t should extoll the virtues that Torchy"s, yet we"ll perform so anyway. The Austin-born taco chain started off as a food trailer on southern 1st, however quickly uncovered success on the strength and also creativity of their menu, i m sorry boasts a multitude the worthy choices.Having the option to enjoy Torchy"s Tacos without ever before leaving your vehicle makes visiting your Spicewood location worth the drive.


Photo Credit: 30daysoftexmex.blogspot.com

El Taccorido

2316 south 1st

Guess what? we love El Taccorido. We love its breakfast tacos. Us love that tortas. Us love that is gorditas and also its quesadillas. Us love that is salsas and we love the desserts. Many of all, though, us love the it"s a drive-thru and also we have the right to enjoy that without having to gain out of ours cars. Need to you uncover yourself top top South 1st street through an appetite, shot El Taccorido. As for what you have to order? Anything. It"s every good.


Photo Crecit: P. Terry"s Facebook

P. Terry"s citizens Stand

Various Locations

Loyal P. Terry"s fans- Don"t worry. We didn"t forget around you. We"d be remiss if us closed this point out and also failed to honor what has actually in a decade, come to be an Austin drive-thru institution. It"s difficult to placed your finger ~ above what the an enig sauce is behind the success the P. Terry"s. For now, we"ll go with their appointment to utilizing the best ingredients. Real Idaho potatoes, 100% pure beef, and also things prefer all-natural ketchup have put P. Terry"s one step ahead of the competition and earned them soldier of ride-or-die customers. We have to admit, we acquire it.


Photo Credit: infant Greens Facebook

Baby Greens

1508 W. Anderson Lane

Baby Greens is Austin"s very first drive-thru that serves healthy and also delicious food. Yeah, we understand you"ve heard the one before but Baby Greens is actually an extremely nourishing and also healthful. Located on Anderson Lane, the restaurant focuses onveggie and health food alternatives like salad, kale, and also assorted vegetables arrangements. Their food selection offers a wide selection of tasty salads and also wraps choose the Rainbow Salad, a delicious mix of blended greens, violet cabbage, carrots, avocado, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and feta cheese, and the Southwest Wrap, a mouthwatering mix that romaine lettuce, black bean salsa, avocado, diced jicama, tomatoes, carrots, and also tortilla strips. Affordable and convenient, Baby Greens is among Austin"s coolest drive-thrus.

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Photo via Yelp

Bamboo Bistro

11101 Burnet Rd

6818 Westgate Blvd (W william Cannon Dr)

Local favourite Bamboo Bistro supplies Asian-style cuisine with a Texan Twist. Equipped v a speedy drive-thru, the bistro is convenient, affordable, and constantly delicious. But, of course, Bamboo Bistro"s drive-thru isn"t the restaurant"s main attraction; their menu boasts a broad array of standard and an imaginative Asian dishes prefer Kung Pao Chicken, Thai Yellow Curry, and also Cantonese Crispy Noodles, a delectable mix of egg noodles, broccoli, carrots, snap peas, mushrooms, and also garlic soy sauce. Following time you"re in a hurry and craving very delicious Chinese food, head to Bamboo Bistro.