MCDONALD'S fans have the right to still seize food ~ above Memorial work 2021 together the rapid food chain's branches open up - we define what you must know.

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Memorial Day is on may 31 – and it honors the sacrifice the the country’s fallen military war heroes.


Most McDonald's branches remain open on Memorial DayCredit: Reuters

Is McDonald's open on Memorial day 2021?

Yes, most McDonald's branches remain open in the united state on Memorial work 2021.

However, it could vary therefore it's ideal to double-check in advance to avoid disappointment.

More than 99% that its restaurants are currently open, but the continuing to be are closed because of the pandemic - or castle operate decreased opening hours.

McDonald's has roughly 14,000 branches across the US. Friend can discover your nearest one by using its save locator tool.

How can I order McDonald's online?

If girlfriend don't want to enter a store, you can order and also pay online and then perform curbside pick up or drive-thru at plenty of locations.

You have the right to do this through the McDonald's app.

The fast food chain is likewise signed up through Uber Eats for home delivery, however make sure you double-check any kind of delivery fees prior to you order.

These generally vary relying on how far away you room from the restaurant.

What room McDonald's opened hours?

McDonald's branches frequently open in ~ 7am every job at most locations, i m sorry is when they start serving breakfast.

Meanwhile, some areas are open up 24/7 and also start breakfast previously than that at around 6am.

It's then approximately franchise owner to decide how long to offer breakfast for, however most restaurants will make the switch at 10.30am.

Branches that don't run 24/7 room then open until 11pm every day.

Once again, some restaurants space operating decreased hours because of Covid, therefore make sure you double-check this in advance.

What Covid safety measures has actually McDonald's introduced?

McDonald's has actually introduced a wide variety of Covid actions to save customers and also staff safe.

It has actually put society distancing sticker labels on the floor, and have mounted protective obstacles at stimulate points.

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The chain has additionally increased the frequency the cleaning, when workers room wearing masks and also gloves, where required.

Staff members also have to inspect their temperature before starting each shift.

To aid customers continue to be safe if dining in, McDonald's has actually closed some seating and also tables to accommodate society distancing.