KFC uses much more MSG than any type of other rapid food chain I’ve seen. As for burger King and also Taco Bell, MSG is just in choose items (Doritos tacos and also grilled chicken items, respectively).

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Boar’s Head doesn’t list ingredients online. You have to call. Items i beg your pardon contain MSG: branded deluxe ham (not reduced sodium), Virginia ham, maple glazed love husband coat ham, head cheese, pickle & pepper loaf, pork and beef bologna (not lower sodium), and also mortadella.

MSG is a main ingredient in whatever from the sandwich come the nuggets. Take it a look at at the ingredient chart — MSG comes right after chicken and seasoning.

You’ve checked out the signs — “NO MSG” or “We don’t chef with MSG” — and you’ve probably only seen them in Chinese restaurants. The irony, however, is that despite what’s posted above the fish tank, the kitchen is more than likely still utilizing the flavor-enhancing additive. Is this a bad thing?

No, the not.

Monosodium glutamate — MSG for quick — has long been seen as the rogue in Chinese kitchens, as discussed in a recent and thorough feature in the Smithsonian. For decades Chinese restaurant owners have had to fight versus the misconception that every item of chicken and also broccoli was dipped, smothered, and fried in a harmful additive, one that world blame for their headaches, amongst other ailments. But not only do kitchens use MSG minimally, science has actually yet to discover a link between MSG and also health worries (see here and also here).

While the idea that MSG, which originates from Japan, carries deeply ingrained an adverse connotations, we have in recent years become obsessed through the hatchet “umami” to explain a meaty-unctuousness labeling our “fifth taste” (alongside sweet, salty, bitter, and also sour). Consumers and chefs alike love the very delicious word.

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There’s simply one problem: MSG is umami. One excerpt indigenous the Smithsonian post reads:

Glutamate is just one of the most abundant excitatory neurotransmitters in brain, playing a an essential role in memory and also learning. The FDA estimates that the mean adult consumes 13 grams of it a job from the protein in food. Non-meat food sources prefer tomatoes and also Parmesan cheese have actually high level of glutamic acid…

…What couple of people understand is that the hated MSG and also the adored umami room chemically related: umami is tasted by the very receptors that MSG targets. In ~ a mad Symposium in Denmark, a TED-like conference because that the food industry, Chang spoke about MSG and also umami: “For me, the means that i’m looking at umami, it’s the same way I look at MSG. It’s one in the same.”

Say what girlfriend will around how MSG affects you or what friend think it will do. Even my own grandmother, who was born in southern China, accuses the other of utilizing MSG prior to not-so-subtly arguing that my following bite that Yen-Yen’s egg-foo-young will certainly be mine last. Don’t forget, though, the the ingredient has become a clip in American handle food. On that note, below are numerous foods and also brands that usage MSG.